As a declaration of love

Cem phrases that will help to express feelings without uttering a (slightly overexposed) "I love you." How beautiful declaration of love?

As a declaration of love

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Let's be honest, in the long-term relationship, the phrase "I love you" gradually loses its novelty and become something ordinary. We say it when we leave the house, go back, we say good-bye, go to sleep, thank you for something. There is nothing terrible or wrong. Talk about their feelings to the partner can and should be! But how many times have you said "I love you" out of habit, not because really in this moment experienced some incredible feeling? Again, in this absolutely nothing wrong with that.

We offer seven ways to a declaration of love, not saying a cherished three words.

1. "Now you're even more beautiful than the day of our meeting!"

Make it clear to the partner that with age, he likes you more and more - is not it true love? It is a mistake to believe that this will appreciate compliment only women. Men just are experiencing due to age-related changes, just less express their emotions about it.

2. "I hate everyone today, but you"

We still have joined themselves to this man vows including that he was the only one who will support us in the most difficult moments. Give the partner to understand that your bad mood will never touch it. It's so nice to know that the two of you, "against the whole world."

3. "I love your body"

Seemingly banal phrase. But when you last spoke it to your loved one? Your partner remembers that you love him. But if he knows that his body is still desirable to you?

4. "How do you feel?"

Such caring is best to give your loved one understand that you love him and that's why you do not care.

5. "I am very proud of you"

We need to know that we appreciate that whatever we do has value for someone else. Sincere pride for a partner to help him to fully enjoy the success of their achievements, and show how much you love him.

6. "Leave it, I'll do it,"

Who is your favorite person hates to go for groceries? Wash up? Sort socks? Sometimes do him the job. This caring and love, so you give him to understand that you want to make him comfortable. Thanks not take long.

7. Laugh at his jokes

Always, even if they are bad, even if it is very bad. Even if you hear that story for the fifth or sixth time. Sometimes in the long-term relationship can lose the desire, so sometimes it disappears sense of humor. Remember how you laughed to tears over the most stupid or trivial things, when we started the relationship. Laughter strengthens the relationship, and your partner makes it clear that you still think it witty.