7 strange thoughts about happiness

7 strange thoughts about happiness

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1. Happiness is from you will not escape

Yes, there is a saying. Happiness does not hide from us, how we think, and it does not come and go. SrazuSchaste not always here.

We all have reason to complain about life, and each of us has the same amount of reasons to smile. It is near to us, and to find it, you need only refer to what gives our life meaning.

What you are interested in, will form your surroundings. And it affects the way you live your life, every time it seems that happiness is hidden from you, avoid you, think - perhaps you are looking for it in the wrong place?

As Boccaccio said, "It often happens that people think that happiness away from him, as it noiselessly has come to him."

2. You just need to decide to be happy

Too many people think that a person is either born happy or not. But, like a good marriage, happiness requires constant work. You need to make an effort. And happiness comes - word by word, thought by thought, day after day. Those who are happy to realize that happiness is no guarantee for life, if it does not work on.

As Abraham Lincoln said: "Most people are about as happy as they decide to be happy."

3. Happiness - not the last station, and all trains stop 22

We are trained to think that happiness is found only in special places, where else should fall.

The truth is that happiness is not so eager to get there. In these particularly favorable for the life zones in a strange way people find reasons to be unhappy. Happiness - it's something that is born within us when we remove all irrelevant and meaningless, because happiness is actually - it's a state of mind. Love - it's not the destination station, and the way to travel.

4. Is it possible to be happy and if you have not decided all the problems

People often think that they can not feel happy as long as they remain some outstanding issues, but often the opposite is true. If you live with the feeling that you are happy today, it will help you easily solve their problems and find a way out of difficult situations.

If you focus only on the difficulties we are going to look at the world through our problems. And we will not have a place to be noted that in our life is going well. To feel gratitude for what we have now, we do not need special efforts. It is enough to imagine that we have lost. Or remember, what pleasure - the first day without heat.

Carl Jung said, "Even a happy life can not do without its share of darkness, and the word" happiness "forever lose its meaning if it does not exist side by side with sadness. It is much better to accept things as they are, with patience and composure. "

5. Happy people are everywhere

When we are sad, the world around seems dull. But in moments of joy around once there is a lot of nice people. It turns out that a lot of people in this world happy. Go to the sunny side of the street. And stay in touch with those who are dear to you, and do not dive in the evil talk - this one is enough to change your life.

6. Happiness - it's not always the euphoria of

To collect the suitcase and go on a trip. Happiness in its purest form! Then comes the gray days ... In moments of joy we are somewhere very close to happiness, but not always guess its shape for the gray haze of rain in the morning working. But now quiet happiness - in a peaceful course of everyday life and complete peace within us.

In the words of Adam Smith: "Happiness visits us almost imperceptibly, but I often saw him in the midst of young children in the home and village houses than in other places."

7. Happiness is never 100 percent

Oddly enough, the charm of happiness lies in the fact that it is never complete and durable.

"The eternal happiness would be at best dull and at worst - a nightmare (like the eternal orgasm)", - says the analyst, the famous explorer happiness Manfred Kets de Vries.

Do happy people is a bad mood and bad days, and they experience the whole range of emotions. But think about this.

At the end of a bad day you are on an equal footing with the person who is experiencing the same thing as you, and yet not for a moment doubt that he is happy. Tomorrow morning it will saddle his horse, which threw him yesterday, and spurred it will jump towards the sun at dawn.