Help your child prepare for exams

Learn how good or bad our children - in any case, the exams for them, and for us is always considerable stress. Nevertheless, we can make a teenager feel calmer and more confident and able to deal effectively with the eve of the examination.

Help your child prepare for exams

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The child sits on the books day and night, frantically trying to eliminate the "gaps" in their knowledge? or, on the contrary, can not bring himself to do, his parents are admonished, customize, or trying to bring to life, grandmother clutching his heart and soothing drink. The last days before school examinations are often a nightmare for the whole family. Is it possible to spend the final week of efficiently and without unnecessary stress?

Here are some ideas suggested by psychologists.

1. To help him find the motivation to

It is clear that the motivation - is the key to success in any field. But as with the motivation to study in adolescents are often a problem, our task - to help the child to see the sense in it. There is motivation - will and good grades and interest in learning.

For example, a long walk or a ride in the car - it's a good opportunity to gently start a conversation about his future. Whom he sees himself in five years? Ten? What he wanted to do in life? What kind of work seems to be interesting? What kind of lifestyle for himself, he draws in the future? What kind of car he wants? Maybe his dreams extend much further and he wants to change the world? Then you will be examined along with it, how it is possible to come to this. What kind of education you need to get? How seriously you need to do to learn?

This conversation helps teens to clarify for themselves their own goals and concrete steps to address them, and more aware of what he is doing today.

2. However, to deal with the priorities

When before the exams is only a week away, it is already impossible again thoroughly delved into the whole training material. It would be useful to break it down into three parts of "traffic-light". Red label the material that the child knows the worst. Yellow and green - the one that he knows, respectively, good and excellent. The main efforts, of course, it is necessary to focus on the "red" side.

3. Use a timer

Timer - a great tool for self-organization. Teach your child to use it. Let it puts it in 30 minutes in the classroom - during which time he will have time to focus and work hard, and then 5-10 minutes for a break. phone sound better to include at full volume, and the phone does not keep close at hand, and the other end of the room. Both you and your teenager will be amazed at how much he will have time to learn in the half-hour periods of time.

4. To take care of his health

Make sure that the child was sleeping at least 8 hours and days of preparation and during the examination. Think its menu: Now it is most needed full healthy food that provides a constant level of blood sugar. Also, he needed a walk and some exercise. It helps the brain to better absorb the information.

All this together will help both you and your child feel confident and reduce stress, which is inevitable during the exams.

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