Why do I need to celebrate happy events?

The longer we live, the less importance is attached to the holidays on the occasion of joyful events. We celebrate birthdays in a small circle or no note yield to a new job is limited to congratulate friends on the phone or in social networks. So we are depriving themselves of the opportunity to truly experience the pleasant moments of life.

Why do I need to celebrate happy events?

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Celebrating any joyous occasion with family, friends, colleagues, family members, we strengthen our mutual trust and better enjoy the moment. When we take the time and effort on something to pay attention to a pleasant event, forces us to come back in the form of enhanced relations. And the more members will come together, the greater the benefit from the holiday. One of the features that distinguishes a strong pair of couples crumbling, is that the partners together celebrated not only great holidays but also small events 1. Use any excuse to join the art of creating the holiday. But art is worth something only if you celebrate with all my heart.


Ideally, of course, happy to celebrate life events throughout the year. For collective rituals are suitable not only New Year or Spring Festival. The reason may be a family or a calendar date, the good news, which can not wait to share the goal that finally achieved. You can go back to an event which, as you think you are not paying attention, or simply to pay tribute to family and friends. The main thing in the festival - the good news, which I would like to share the congratulations that wants to say, gentle and grateful feelings that we seek to express. Talk about it with their friends, choose a time for celebration. Everyone can participate, as it sees fit: to play a musical instrument or sing, give small presents, cook something delicious. The main thing - to live the joy of a moment, share it with others here and now, being present in the present and themselves to be as real as possible.


Lisa, 42 years old, midwife

"I have long suffered impostor syndrome: it seemed to me after every success that it has a million reasons, but my contribution is not here. At the same time I envied the success of others. And celebrating together with other joyful events, I got rid of the deep jaws. Now I'm no longer ashamed of success, happy to accept compliments and even congratulate myself that I managed well. I give myself time to understand their wins and enjoy them. When the young mother thanks me for the way I helped her meet the baby, I feel that I am filled with gratitude for life itself. "

Ilios Kotsu (Ilios Kotsou), author of "In Praise of discernment" ( "Éloge de la lucidité", Robert Laffont, 2014), which was awarded the prize Psychologies-Fnac in 2015 as an essay to help you find yourself, and live better.

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