Your ego - that is really the case?

We often recite: "He selfish" with a negative tinge. We are told - "forget about your ego," meaning that we are doing something wrong. What does it mean to be selfish, and it is a bad thing? He argues in his essay writer Nicola in March.

Your ego - that is really the case?

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Nikola March (Nicola Mar), writer, blogger, columnist site.

What we are really doing here on earth? We have been working all day. We sleep at night. Many of us every day pass through the monotonous schedule. We become unhappy. We want more and more money. We wish, worry, hate and disappointed. We envy others, but do not believe that this is enough to change yourself. In the end, we all seek love and approval of others, but many never did not find any of it. So what really is the point of reference, the origin of all this activity, we all call life?

When you think about the word "ego", what does this mean for you? As a child and teenager, I always hear things like "Forget about your ego," or "He's selfish." These were the phrases that I hoped no one would ever tell me or about me. I tried to find a way that would help me to deny that I, too, from time to time, think only about their own feelings and desires, but it does not cease to feel and behave confidently. After all, the only thing that most children want - it fit well into the team and remain unnoticed. Do not stand out. We are often not confident to stand up for their own opinions. So we find a way to be in harmony with others. We are part of those who are different from others, and at the same time we are trying to be open, altruistic, and in any case do not demonstrate their desire too openly, for fear that we deem selfish. The word "ego" was seen only in a negative light, but in reality the word "ego" simply means "I" or "me" any person independently.

You can control your mood as soon as aware of his "I", his "ego"

The important thing is that we know about ourselves. We need to understand not only ourselves, but also our efforts and actions towards others. Without this awareness, we are not able to find and realize our true purpose on earth. We always try to "fit", to then continue to experience the fear of their own desires and do and say only what is expected of us. We naively believe that this is safe.

However, with all this, we can not dream of, which means, ultimately, that we can not grow, develop and learn. If you know the bad self, you will continue to go through life believing that all your moods, beliefs, partners, relations and friends are in it quite by accident and everything that happens is always out of your control. You will continue to feel, that life - is one huge exhausting day, which follows the same earlier. As you may be aware of what your aspirations and dreams really feasible when you have no faith in your strength and the desire to ensure that they develop? there is about 75 thousand thoughts per day on average in humans. Many of them, however, they go unnoticed, mainly because we do not pay attention to them. We continue not to listen to our inner self, or, if you prefer, "ego" and, therefore, ultimately ignore something that tells us to seek our unsung thoughts and secret desires.

Nevertheless, we always notice your feelings. This is because every thought produces emotions, which in turn affect our mood. Usually when we have happy thoughts, we feel great - and it helps us to feel positive mood. Once inside there are bad thoughts, we are sad. Our bad mood are the cause of our negative thinking. But you're in luck! You can control your mood as soon as aware of his "I", his "ego", and learn how to direct or control their thinking.

The possibilities are directly over your head. So do not lower it

Your "I" - it is not bad or wrong. It's just you. This is your inner being, which is here to help you successfully maneuver toward its goal through life. And to guide you through learning the correct and wrong decisions and eventually help realize its enormous potential. Everyone has the right to dream, and to dream of something global, almost unbelievable. It is the "ego" can help you on the way to the goal is not to become a victim of your bad thoughts. The next time you're in a bad mood, ask yourself why. Try to keep track of every thought and find out the reasons why it has negative information. The change of mood in the positive, while regularly visualizing what you want out of life, sooner or later force you to believe in yourself and in what you can achieve this.

Risk. Allow yourself to want more! Do not limit yourself small goals and dreams that you think you are not able to achieve. Do not think your life is like one big recurring day. People are born and die. People come into your life for a day and stay in it the next.

Possibilities are straight above your head. So do not lower it to see that even your most ambitious dreams can become a reality. We are here on earth, not to do something than unhappy or that brings some disappointment. We are here to gain wisdom and love to grow and protect each other.

Awareness of your "I" in this great goal - it's half the battle.

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