7 signs that your relationship is not turned back

In the early days, when the relationship is only tied, I would like to think that they will be ideal. How to recognize the signs that your road together will not be flat and smooth and on the way to a happy future you turned in the opposite direction?

7 signs that your relationship is not turned back

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We often turn a blind eye on the little things that annoy us or grieve in a partner. Especially if we are at the very beginning called relationship. But do not even think to ignore these large bright red flags.

1. A common criticism, and praise are rare and by the way

There is a big difference between the negative and positive attention. Someone who loves you, will be glad to any of your successes and firmly embrace you in the days when you played havoc and not so confident.

"Unfortunately, many of my clients really want to feel special, the only ones to know what their partner is interested in them and their lives. And sometimes even they agree to the accusations, criticism, grumbling and banter, just to be the focus of his attention ", - says Patti Britton, a family therapist.

2. You are not sure how it applies to you

Constantly checking to see if you come up with SMS, and to worry that he had not called, can afford only the very beginning of the relationship. But then you get used to each other, the relationship becomes comfortable, give a sense of confidence and serenity. If not, if you remain alert and continue to abide in limbo - it is obviously a red flag: you are in a toxic relationship.

3. Do you feel this confidence man 100%

Well what can I say? Sophocles wrote about it right: "We are honest only been discovered - quite the day to find out the vile."

The penalty silence is dangerous in the long term: it is a way to leave on the defensive as protection from each other

4. You are too well acquainted with all his former

If your relationship is getting too crowded, because there hovers a few of his "ex" and you know them well - in his stories and even personally - it's not a very good sign. You need to clarify, what is your place in this organization? There are people who feel very comfortable surrounded by a small harem and sincerely believe that the care of all.

The penalty silence is dangerous in the long term: it is a way to leave on the defensive as protection from each other

5. You experience the best moments ... only


It's a bad sign when alone with him so you have little to talk about and you shake and come alive just before the next hike to visit. Of course, trips to friends, outings, clubs has not been canceled, but it should not be the only good memories for your pair. And let me remind you that if the partner is usually pretty unsociable, but it is transformed as soon as a drink, it is also a sign. But not about the relationship.

6. The penalty silence

In these places there is a healthy relationship contemptuous smirk and ignore. "It would seem that silence the punishment can not be compared with explicit violence and cruelty. But in the long term, it is dangerous, "- says Megan Fleming, a psychologist and sex therapist from New York.

This means that you will now elect a way to escape the defensive as protection from each other, rather than directly to discuss all problems.

7. It is nice to you, but if it is something you need from the

Positive behavior - support and encourage a negative - to punish. Gradually, less and less in command and whistle. If you once had a four-legged pet, you can draw parallels.

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