6 traps on the way to the ideal life

6 traps on the way to the ideal life

1. The usual routine

If you want to turn the boring monotonous life in an interesting and exciting, will have to get rid of old habits. First you'll constantly catch myself on the fact that slipping into routines that are not suitable for you.

Rather than go on a trip, you stay home, because in the past have always done. Communicate with old friends who support your old habits, even though you know deep down inside - into a new life, they will not go after you.

Even before the dramatic changes in the life of a good idea to break the old rules from time to time. Gradually move away from the old patterns of behavior and use the new features as soon as they appear.

6 traps on the way to the ideal life

2. Improper environment

If friends can not to accept your new "I", the relations should be reconsidered. The sooner you do, the less they will slow down the changes in your life.

If you consider yourself a devoted man, let loyalty will be properly addressed. Be loyal to your true "I". Be loyal to its unique path of development. Be loyal to the new relationships that are waiting for you ahead. Do not confuse loyalty with fear or stubbornness.

You can not drag with a partner who does not want

Devotion destructive relationship that prevent you develop - false. Recognize that you are afraid to move forward on unfamiliar territory, so you cling to the old relationships - both for an excuse to do the next step. Once you become true to yourself, to move forward it will be easier. You do not need to deliberately sever relations with old friends. Without embarrassment embarking on a new path - let react as they wish. If they are happy for you and support - excellent. I've gone through some major changes in my life. Every time I lose old friends and find new ones. Some friends were with me during repeated changes. These are the friends you need. They surround themselves with people, growth-oriented, so expect the friends change rather than permanence. If people want you to stand on the spot - they are not your friend.

6 traps on the way to the ideal life

3. Improper pair of

If the second half does not support you in your new endeavors - a dangerous trap. Chosen from inappropriate relationship difficult and painful, I know firsthand. But it is necessary to pass through, to create a life that brings happiness and satisfaction.

You can not stay in place. Also, you can not drag with a partner who does not want it. In addition, it makes no sense - in front of you waiting for a lot of the right people. However, they do not recognize you as a couple, as long as you are tormented in the old ways.

4. Bad habits

In order to create an amazing life, requires dedication, self-discipline and patience. If you have bad habits, they will interfere to go forward.

Bad habits weaken the prefrontal cortex - a part of the brain that is responsible for planning and self-regulation. Depending insidious: they weaken the ability to think rationally and to control himself, to overcome from this dependence becomes even more difficult. The more you have bad habits, and the more you give in to them, the less you have self-discipline. If you are not able to behave consistently, it is unlikely you will dramatically transform life. Most likely, you will constantly be put off it.

Dependencies insidious: they weaken the ability to think rationally and to control themselves

If you want to create an ideal life, make the rejection of bad habits one of the priorities. To bad habits include alcohol, drugs, gambling, misuse of internet, phone or social networking sites, junk food, playing video games, shopping, and workaholism. If the debt can not cope with any addiction, stop looking for a middle ground. You either stay with her until the end of life, or to leave and no longer meet. If you are not ready to the second option - so you choose the first default.

For any kind of dependence there are support groups that can help you. Hammer in the search box and you will find a lot of resources. Start reading - learn how dependence harms you and how to overcome it. Stories of other people will give you strength.

6 traps on the way to the ideal life

5. Discomfort

In the "past" life you feel comfortable. The days were the same type and conform to your expectations.

Now we need to forget about comfort, at least for a while. During the transition to a new life and, perhaps, even long after you're outside of your comfort zone. You must learn to feel good in the conditions of discomfort. Discomfort will be part of the new reality, so do not let it stop you. Go to a new country, not knowing the local language, uncomfortable. To hold the first training, to speak in public or to be interviewed - uncomfortable. Tell others how you have changed my life - uncomfortable. Discomfort - part of the development. If you are comfortable - you are not developed.

If you are trying to help others, why people should give you money?

The welcome you encounter discomfort, the easier it is to cope with it. What was once embarrassed me, now it seems funny. Next week I go to the UK, and a week later - to Italy. I've been to Italy before, and did not speak Italian, so I can get into awkward situations. But I have experienced so many similar situations that they do not worry me anymore. Discomfort became familiar to me. Several years ago, I would have to give up travel without careful preparation, or go on a group tour.

6 traps on the way to the ideal life

6. Fixation on Me

If the new way of life revolves only around your "I", to survive will not be easy. Your new life is to be helpful to others. That you give instead of what you are getting? How to change in your life will affect others? Why someone has to worry about you and help you?

If you do not enlist social support on its way, you will have to do it alone. This creates difficulties and undermines motivation. People who focus only on themselves, give up because of loneliness and isolation. The change of life, they are also moving close - too hard to earn. If you do not try to help others, why people should give you money? Implement their own desires - is fine, but this is not enough. I help others when I share their thoughts about business development. I did not know what effect my blog. I began to lead him in 2004, and since then the site was visited by over 100 million people. My articles are forwarded, translated and reprinted around the world. I received comments of readers on all continents except Antarctica.

It stimulates and my own development as introducing me to people-oriented growth. Most of today's friends, I found through this work. Ideally, your work and your life should go well and support each other. Of course, this balance is not easy, but, in doing so, you will become rich.

6 traps on the way to the ideal life

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