I thank you!

I thank you!

If the work time you constantly look at the clock in the evening do not feel satisfaction in the past day, and weekend perceive as a "light at the end of the tunnel", the first alarming signals have already arrived. The time has come to understand that gives you work and whether her a place in your future.

What's the point?

First of all, you must understand why you "looked to the side." Is your work all over, or "relationship" just in need of restructuring?

One of the founders of the coaching Timothy Galway in the book "The Inner Game" says for the long-term effectiveness requires three elements: pleasure + + development of the result. As soon as one of the vertices of the triangle "fails", reduced efficiency.

However, this does not mean that it is time to write a statement. Yes, interesting, fascinating work makes us stronger and able to protect against the emotional burnout, but even in the case where the work is not like every morning we come to the office. We may still find in it something important?

It is useful to determine the value that is in the current situation, no matter how "wrong" it may appear outwardly

The Existential psychologist Elena Stankovskaya believes that the situation needs to take a broader view: "Think about how the current work affects you and that this is due to the influence of external circumstances, and that - with the internal settings. It is useful to determine the which projects are vital for you to priority, to feel something of value, that is, in the current situation, no matter how "wrong" it may appear superficially. "

It is possible that the answers will surprise and you will find a strong "yes", the existence of which had no idea. To reflect better at rest, such as relaxing in your favorite chair with a cup of tea and a notepad. Do it on a day when it is possible to postpone the current issues and to give time to yourself.

can not run away to stay

For someone to work - a continuous development. To another it must give the opportunity to feel important or meaningful. The third important amount fell on the card at the end of the month. Not all the prescribed criteria, but most people do when looking for work they realize. It is important to notice when these important criteria are no longer respected.

Narrative coach Olga Zotov says: "It is not always easy to change jobs. Often we know that we do not like to do, but have no idea what we would like to do instead. There is a saying: "No matter how far you may be gone on the wrong road, turn". Only daring to embark on alternative ways you can find out what you really like.

to determine the source of his passion: performing any task, you have experienced the greatest rise

Therefore, as a second step to determine the source of his passion: performing any task, you have experienced the greatest rise, fall into a state of "flow", what skills and strengths you this helped?

dismissal is often given as hard because the means drastic internal changes. Changing profession, occupation, work team, we thereby change themselves. Michael White, one of the founders of narrative therapy, called it the "migration of identity". Imagine, as a transition from one side to the other through the rough mountain river - in front of you waiting for at least a major challenge. Think - who or what you can support in this way? What are the obstacles that may be encountered and help you overcome them?

If, in spite of the assessed risks, you have just established themselves in their desire to leave, remind yourself that you have the right to do, decide and start to act.

Nothing Personal

Many of the employees who have worked at the same place for a long time, afraid of his dismissal "to bring the heads", sometimes - offend. "As a rule, this occurs when the mix professional and personal contexts. We often experience a mixture of gratitude, guilt and anxiety in front of the head. All of this is difficult to assess the real commitment, as well as prevents to take a clear position in connection with the dismissal. Confidential talk with a fellow man or specialist can lead to a more balanced assessment of the situation and to hold the boundaries between personal and professional ", - says Elena Stankovskaya.

The work - this is your partner. You give her your skills, abilities, time, effort

The work - this is your partner. You give her your skills, abilities, time, effort, and in return receive a salary, the opportunity for professional growth. A good manager will not leave the system "broken" after his departure. "At the time of the dismissal calmly and clearly said, with the head of the circumstances of his departure - to whom and in what time frame you will refer cases. The world is becoming more transparent, and the ability to "go in the good" can be a contribution to your professional reputation, "- recommends Olga Zotov.

At the final stage of being able to provide "peer" in his head. Think about what you can do to maintain a relationship with him. Only then, according to Elena Stankowski, one can draw up a specific action plan: how and what I say, what difficulties I encounter in this respect, that support me inside.

To be sure, it makes sense to to hold a "dress rehearsal" and practice before speaking. Deep preparation will not be mistaken with the choice, a conscious decision and internal agreement with him insure against stress. Exercise "Yes / No"

This exercise will help you understand yourself and understand whether or not addressed at the dismissal. In the upper part of the sheet record one of the alternatives (e.g., "Go to work"). Then, divide the page into two parts: "YES" and "NO". In the first column write all the things that will be possible, if you accept this decision.

What this decision says "YES"?

  • What opportunities?
  • What practices and skills I hereby say "Yes"?
  • Which way of life? How did the people around?
  • What is the "version" of himself?

In the second - describe the opportunities that will be closed in conjunction with the decision.

  • What is the decision to say "no"?
  • What am I giving?
  • How do I become cmog?

Then do the same with the other alternative (eg, "Stay on the job"). As a result, you get two future scenarios. In some of them you would rather be? This exercise is useful in any other situation, a difficult choice.