What I will take with them into the new year

To begin life with a clean slate, to make it a clean yourself. Look at what it has been written, and figure out why sometimes it happens that a clean place left on the sidelines ...

What I will take with them into the new year

1. His former "anything"

Leave the past in the past. Ex-boyfriend, ex-husband, past work, casual acquaintance ... They became the former, then there is a reason.

Stop thinking about what it would be like if you were still together. Stop looking for the way back and look for a way forward. To help you - imagine that on your desk are old cracked bouquets in vases. The world is too good to look at it through that long ago withered!

2. Fear of making an attempt to

Leave behind the fear of the new, the fear take the first step and make mistakes and indecision, which prevents you dare to change in your life. Sometimes it's really scary. But a healthy sense of fear - to a certain extent. He keeps us in a safe area, and safeguard against, so that we raced around the track at high speed or jumping from a cliff into the sea. Another thing, when you want to take a chance and do something new.

Tell your fear: "Thank you care about me, but specifically it is not necessary to make a decision for me. I'll do it myself. " Feel the fear, and then send it to the knock-out with a single blow.

What I will take with them into the new year

3. The words "I do not know"

You're smarter than you think. If you are not sure about something, look on the Internet or ask someone. If you are taking an important decision, and stopped midway because no idea what to do, do not say - "I do not know." Words have power. Tell it like it is - "I'm halfway to ensure that all cleared up."

4. The relationship that we destroy

Psychologist Jim Rohn (Jim Rohn) once said: "you - is the arithmetic average of the five people with whom you spend the most time". Look who's next to you. Do not discount the circumstances and your ideal past. If the relationship is at work, at home or in your circle of friends deprive you of some important parts of your personality, it's time to change something.

5. The tendency to drift

We have all this sin. Each changed photo in a profile in Facebook? We quickly did the same. Some of the familiar reasons of Trampe? A census. Oh, and here in this debate about a new diet should participate ... Our day is filled with active operations, but the trajectory of our movement in this case, if a little move away, just as bizarre and predictable, however in flocks of herring fry.

What I will take with them into the new year

6. Self-hatred

Say goodbye to the habit of sighing and wince every time you see yourself in the mirror. You are a masterpiece. A painting. Repeat after me: "I am beautiful". Take the arms of your cellulite, hair the wrong color, I would like to, the stomach called the "muffin" (because it hangs over your jeans just as lush tip muffin), non-ideal ass and legs fortieth size. Take every part of his body, even if you're still getting used to the fact that it must be love.

7. Diets and generally easy ways

Instead of life called "I'm on a diet" is simply a healthy life. Nurture your health from the inside, think globally. If you reach the tranquility of the soul, many of the "excesses" will simply cease to interest you.

8. Barriers and lie to myself ...

After all, we deceive ourselves when we say: "I'll never do it. With me always happens. I was lucky as a drowned man. This is not for me. We did not fare well, there is nothing to get used to. "

Are you serious? Just stop and more do not think so. Or that's what - not pronounce the inside, and say these phrases out loud, loud. You they seem artificial, pompous ... and absolutely untrue.