What happens to us when we suffer alone

What happens to us when we suffer alone

You're driving every day struggle with everyday life? Trying to cope with difficulties, with no one sharing what is really going through? Rather, in these moments with you, the following occurs.

1. You have to pretend that all is well. It's exhausting

In all situations involving communication in society, you have to wear a mask, pretending to hide his true condition. As a rule, it drains energy. You smile, pretend that everything is fine, while the only thing you want - this cry, to scream, to put all that in your mind, get rid of this burden.

2. Have you tried to talk about the problem, but it did not change anything

Have you tried to share your concerns with your friends, with your family or a psychologist. But try to explain what happens to you - it's a real challenge. You start to think that even a wise, intelligent, competent people are not able to hear and understand you. Perhaps the problem you have to solve on their own ... But to feel alone in the struggle with difficulties, even if someone sincerely wants to help you - what can be more difficult!

3. Do you feel lonely themselves, isolated

You think that you are cut off from the others. Despite their physical presence, you feel that you have shared some barrier wall. And even if you happen to talk to them and the conversation turns very informative, you can not escape the feeling that they really do not understand you. As a result, the listener takes the position of other people's problems, rather than to share and solve their.

What happens to us when we suffer alone

4. You need a friendship, understanding and love

It happens that you want to be alone with him, "pull" themselves from the outside world. This desire is quite normal: sometimes everyone needs to move away from the daily noise, rejuvenate. The problem is that at the same time you feel like being surrounded by people who are looking for love and tenderness at the same time avoiding them.

5. You begin to consider unpredictable

Oh you may say that you are "alienated" that your mood changed in a flash. Jumps in the mood peculiar to the majority, but because your problem is hidden from prying eyes, people do not understand what is happening to you, why some words hurt you more than others.

6. You have confused thoughts, you can easily lose concentration

You all forget, you are in a state of stress and anxiety, even during sleep. Your mind is filled with thoughts parasites, it makes it difficult to think clearly, and to enjoy life as a whole to function normally.

7. Are you sure you help yourself can you alone

You do not leave attempts to pull himself together and all to understand, of course, themselves. But this strategy is wrong. The only sensible advice that should follow - is to surround yourself with people who share problems together to find solutions. The man - a social being. We can not be in the eternal isolation. Communication and support of others gives us strength, motivate on new steps and discoveries, overcoming fears, charges us with positive emotions, the desire to live and enjoy life.

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What happens to us when we suffer alone

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