15 facts about the relationship, about which you should know before getting married

15 facts about the relationship, about which you should know before getting married

Before you hire a wedding manager, a closer look at your relationship. Which of the following items apply to you, and what is not? 15 facts to help look at marriage from a new angle.

1. According to statistics couple got engaged over the age of 23 years old, divorced several times less

According to research conducted at the University of Greensboro in North Carolina, the divorce rate among couples who marry in a more conscious age, is 30%. And among couples married under 23 years - 60%.

After 2 years of relationships attraction decreases

The honeymoon can not last forever. This is shown by research at the University of Pavia in Italy. After a year of living together hormone level is somewhat reduced.

3. People may not be compatible in the relationship model of "child-adult"

Back in the 1960s and look at the three-level model for understanding the personality of Eric Berne. Each has three states - "parent" (development), "child" (feeling) and "adult" (knowledge). Optionally, was to symmetry, the main thing that you complement each other in this psycho.

15 facts about the relationship, about which you should know before getting married

4. The happiest marriages between best friends

Marriage leads to an increase in well-being, if it is built on the understanding and friendship. In such ways, we enjoy life.

5. peers less likely to divorce

Age differences affect relationships. The greater the age difference between the partners, the more often they arise friction and disagreements in marriage.

6. One of the conditions of happy relationships - the ability to enjoy

Imagine the situation: the girl comes home after a hard day's work. It is good news - for example, she was promoted. There are four variants of reaction from her partner:

  • "That's great, honey, you're a long time this was."
  • The phrase "That's good news," and smile.
  • "So, you're constantly going to hang around at work?"
  • "I see. You will not believe what happened to me today! "

Think which option is more suitable for you.

15 facts about the relationship, about which you should know before getting married

7. domestic issues solution combines more than 60% of

One of the decisive factors - the ability to negotiate in the household things.

8. Modern man is more demanding for the opposite sex

Psychologist Eli Finkel found that marriage in America has evolved as follows:

  • before 1850 - marriage for the sake of food, shelter and protection;
  • to 1965 - the desire of companionship;
  • after 1970 - the desire for self-fulfillment through relationships.

9. Good to know a person can be after 10 years of marriage

You know each other not as much as you want. Yes, you know what toothpaste enjoying your partner and what the show loves. But the longer you are together, the stronger your emotional and intellectual connection.

10. Those couples who lived together before marriage are more successful

The opportunity to live together before marriage - a test-drive future relations. This will allow to better know each other.

11. The material dependence of one partner against the other destroys couples

Recent research conducted at the University of Connecticut, have shown that a person who is dependent on her partner financially, does not feel safe.

15 facts about the relationship, about which you should know before getting married

12. We think that everything is changing, not only our partner

Trust - a firm foundation on which to build a serious relationship. But we should not indulge in all serious.

13. Thanks - the key to long-term marriage

If you feel gratitude to the partner will be able to count on a long-term relationship.

14. The relationship - the way of

Married life - it is the responsibility for each other. You can not stay in place if you want a harmonious relationship. We are all different, with their own ideas of life and differences in values.

15. The quality of sex is more important than its quantity

One study showed that the main thing - not the amount of sex, and its quality. Heterosexual couples were divided into two groups: in 90 days half of them stuck to the usual schedule of sexual relations, and the other half has increased the number of sex twice. Studies have shown - the second group felt a little less happy than usual.

Source: Businessinsider.