Anxiety disorder: how to help a loved one during an attack

Anxiety disorder: how to help a loved one during an attack

Who better than the people themselves who suffer from anxiety disorders, will tell you that they experienced during the attacks and what kind of help and support from those close to them need? That's what they want to tell someone you know about his constant struggle with anxiety.

The best thing you can do - listen to

"No one requires you some answers. You can not have "cured", even if you really want. Just listen. Make it clear that you are there and ready to help. Do not be too intrusive, if you see us it is unpleasant, but do not miss the moment when it is important to have someone hug "- Allison L.

Your support means everything

for us

"I'm meeting with a young man for over a year. I know that I was not always easy to love. I often act on his nerves, and he can not understand why I conduct myself. But when I'm immersed in the endless doubts and anxious thoughts, I need to know that it takes our differences and continues to love me even in those moments when I was the most difficult to love yourself "- Melissa H.

Do not tell us to "just relax"

"It does not help and just annoying. We usually 1000% understand that our anxiety is irrational. The proposal will not help to calm down magically turn it off ", - R. Kelly

Anxiety disorder: how to help a loved one during an attack

Do not be offended by our behavior in the difficult days of

"Remember that our anxiety is not related to you, even if you think you have provoked it now. We just feel horrible strain. Part of the reason for the alarm is connected with our brain work, and now nothing can be done. But there are also external factors that can be influenced. Help us aside, this will help alleviate anxiety. For example. offer to walk "- Ryan N.

Remember that anxiety is different

"My husband and I are both suffering from severe depression and anxiety. In addition, our symptoms are manifested in different ways, and that helps me to not necessarily help him. In hard times I need physical contact, encouragement and support. And he needs to be left alone. If you can understand what is required to the partner in difficult times, it will strengthen the relationship "- Melissa M.

Alarm - it's not always a bad thing

"If a person sees a disturbing your love, sometimes the alarm does his reciprocal love more deeply and passionately. Neurotic energy - it's all the same energy. Another alarm will not let me take hasty decisions. Alarm partner is likely to be very attentive and caring "- John Hope.

We are very grateful to you for your patience

"Patience - one of the most important virtues of man. You do not always understand our concerns, but the main thing is still to love and care. When we with my young man come to the party, he at times suitable and quietly asks if I feel fine. This is a simple way to take care, "- Christine R.

, read about anxiety disorders to better understand our

"To learn more about the disorders that we suffer, so that you understand our feelings and know that they are no less real to us than physical illness. Remember that we provoke anxiety attacks "- Melissa George.

Anxiety disorder: how to help a loved one during an attack

to "fix" the problem, you can not, and it is normal

"My husband did not realize that a panic attack is not necessarily something you want to" do ", and sometimes it takes me a few minutes to deal with it" - Kyle D.

Take our experiences seriously

"Before my anxiety disorder was diagnosed and began to heal, a couple of times during a panic attack seemed to me that I had a heart attack or blood clot. Both times my fiance took me to the hospital and generally a very serious attitude to this situation. He had no doubt that with me that something is wrong, even when the doctors said that life is not threatened. And for me it means a lot. Anxiety sometimes paralyzing, and it is important to have someone who will not speak disparagingly: "Yes, this is nonsense" - Eric K.

to remind us to take care of yourself

"Encourage our lessons any Curative practices - for me, for example, is yoga, dancing and walking. You can join us or just to help free up time for these activities - for example, after sitting with the kids "- Sandra B.

Explain that seek professional help is not ashamed to

"Ask the partner to go to a therapist. anxiety disorder treatment is sometimes able to save a life or make it more prosperous. This has a positive impact on your relationship, "- J. Hope.

In the difficult days of rest next to

"I meet very understanding young man who knows that sometimes I have to hide in the closet and some time to sit there. He even bought a special blanket, which brings me in such cases. If I was tormented by anxiety so severe that I can not bring myself to get out of this safe haven, he's sitting there with me, "- Pixie M.