6 Simple Steps to Happiness

The problem of finding happiness is as old as the world. For many, this is the main goal of life. They say, "Life is too short to be unhappy." Layfkouch Suzanne Helonen talks about how to create a recipe for happiness.

6 Simple Steps to Happiness

Happiness is not taught in school, which is a pity. As a child, no one told me what it is, no one taught how to be happy - that's what I learned just discovering positive psychology, which is also called the science of happiness. And I'm so fascinated by it that abandoned corporate career to get a master's degree in psychology. Finally I could get answers to questions about happiness and found people who told me about how to achieve it.

I've come a long way, and now I want to tell you about the major milestones on the path to happiness. They have changed my life and made me an incorrigible optimist. Moreover, they have become my religion.

1. Find out what happiness

How to do it? Study of positive psychology to know what happiness is from the point of view of science, and how to achieve it. Read books, go online course, talk to an expert to get first-hand information.

2. Find the happiness

Universal recipe that fits all, no - will have to study ourselves, to understand what brings you joy and satisfaction. It is important to set priorities, define value, find their strengths and set a goal - all this will help in the journey to happiness.

3. Tune in to positive

Happiness depends on what happens in the mind and how we perceive the world around us. It is therefore important to encourage a positive outlook on things. In this case, remember to be positive does not mean to ignore and deny the negative. On the contrary, positive people are aware of the challenges faced, and believe that they can cope with them. It is important to be honest to admit his feelings, knowing that everything will be fine.

4. fueled ratio

All need other people, and not only to survive but also to live a happy life. It is important to devote time to the creation and preservation of strong conscious relationship with those whom we love.

5. Do not forget about the body

It is not designed to ensure that the whole day sitting at a desk, so 8:00 in an office chair - it is unnatural. Try from time to time to get up, do stretching exercises to warm up.

The body affects the brain. From a lack of activity, we become sleepy and lethargic. And those who are daily doing exercises and moves a lot happier. And do not forget about the importance of smiles and hugs, they are able to lift your mood immediately.

6. Take time to rest

As long as you toss from one case to another, the happiness will not be able to catch you. Try to slow down sometimes, to think and to live simply. So you can better understand yourself, and quickly find the intuitive answers to questions that were fighting for weeks.

There are many ways to make a happy life. Of course, some changes take time, but if you act slowly and consistently, you will get good habits that will nourish you and your strength. Employment 24/7 - is not something that should strive for. Satisfaction with life there is in slow periods.

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6 Simple Steps to Happiness

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