7 life lessons that we learn too late

7 life lessons that we learn too late

Usually, we recognize the error after the fact, and it is, unfortunately or fortunately, does not depend on age. But nothing prevents us learn the lesson before we commit follies. Suffice it to recall the wise proverbs and sayings.

1. Easily and not pull the fish from the pond

"Choose a job to his liking, and you do not have to work a single day in my life." The famous phrase of Confucius sounds nice, but is not suitable for modern life. Live, doing only what you love, it is not as easy as it seems. It is enough to look around and realize that the people who came to turn a hobby into a job, too little. Not because we have no desire or we are not smart enough, just a lot harder to make a living being an artist, a musician or a sportsman than a manager or accountant. Those whose dream has come true, the lucky ones, but to achieve the goal talented athletes, businessmen and actors worked since childhood.

You want to make a hobby main occupation? Do not waste your time on anything else, constantly training, improve, and become the best.

2. For the anger is always the fear lurking

In the words of the wise Master Yoda: "Fear gives you access to the Dark Side. Fear gives birth to anger, anger gives rise to hatred, hatred - a pledge of suffering ... "When we suffer, we think that the cause of something or someone, but not in ourselves. Only deal with this confusion, we are aware that in us and hides anger. Its source - the fear of losing what we love, fear, vulnerability, unknown. If you can realize this, you will be able to cope with negative emotions.

3. Our habits - our future

What you do today you'll do tomorrow. Our future "I" - the result of today's habits and daily activities. If every day for a week to repeat the same thing, the changes you will likely not notice. If you keep doing this for a month, you will see small changes. But if you turn the action into a habit and follow it a year, two, five years, you do not recognize myself.

Never underestimate the power of small steps, even if you do not see instant results.

4. Emotions, too, need to train

We train to play football, master the scale, but the emotions too, are in need of training. We can practice humility, compassion, forgiveness, kindness, sense of humor and self-irony, empathy, love, tenderness, and many other feelings. Our character is not inert, it is formed during life. We can become better every day - unless, of course, is applicable to this effort.

5. God helps those who help themselves

We do not owe anybody, even parents and partners are not required to live for us. No one will take care of us, except ourselves, and that's fine. Fine, if there is a person you can rely on in difficult situations. But do not rely on the case and the fact that the friends will definitely primchatsya for help, and your interests are put above their own. You can not impose on others the responsibility for our problems.

6. It is important to the journey itself, not a destination

Often, achieving the desired, we are faced with an inner emptiness. We have arranged more than appreciate the obstacles that had to overcome to get something than the end result. In the book "Viands earth" Gide very accurately puts it: "Every desire made me richer than the possession of (always false) object of my desire."

If you get what you want, what then will be dreaming?

There are other examples: We truly appreciate just what we got with great difficulty, with sweat and blood, or what we have already lost. If you get what you want, what then will be dreaming? So enjoy the road, even if it is difficult.

7. Cause time fun hour

Some people believe that rest and work - concepts incompatible. But often the best ideas come just at those moments when we are relaxed. And what could be the best vacation and discharging than laughter? He makes us happy, and therefore productive. No matter who you are, a simple manager or the big boss, you need to learn to relax: Take time to relax, chat with friends, and you will see how things go uphill.