How to love Mondays

How to love Mondays

1. Do not succumb to another's influence

Surrounding go on about how hate that day, and we agree on a habit. But we feel really? Ask yourself, what you do not please the Mondays? The fact that we have to return to the hated work, and force yourself to do what you do not want? So, maybe we should finally find a solution to the problem?

If you love your job, hate the reason may be that you have adopted the wrong setting. What are the benefits you get by continuing to follow them? Perhaps the discussion helps to feel in tune with your colleagues?

2. Think of this day as an opportunity to start with a clean slate

Monday - the start of a new week, a new page. Previous Week with successes and failures behind us, and we have the opportunity to start all over again.

If you think about this day like a little New Year. Remember, what you love, besides gifts and long holidays. Most likely, with the feeling that this time you will be sure to achieve their goals, or for the opportunity to analyze the mistakes and leave in the past year. Perhaps summing up and a new target for the week will help to look at this day as the beginning of a new period.

3. Understand the rubble workers

I enjoy the work, but you have accumulated so many unfulfilled tasks that thought of them and make life miserable for fear the onset of a new week? Take advantage of the method of closed-list proposed by coach Marc Forster:

  • , make a list of job tasks that are constantly put off;
  • move underneath the line, which will mean that it can not add anything more (so it is called a closed);
  • Take time every day to work on the tasks from the list.

Since the list closed, the number of tasks it will decrease, and this will provide additional motivation.

How to love Mondays

4. Place your order at the workplace

The way it looks, affects mood and productivity. If you have to spend time searching for important documents, and from the long sitting in an uncomfortable chair back pain, it is no wonder that you are not pleased with the beginning of the week.

5. Prepare in advance by Monday

One of its main differences from the weekend - early rise. This problem can be solved by giving up a sharp change of regime in the weekend. Try to get up at about the same time that week, and spend extra hours on hobbies.

Another way to make the week enjoyable offensive - its plan. Allow time for hobbies, visits and socializing with friends. Prepare Sunday everything you need on Monday to rid yourself of vanity. Decide what wear, cook book you want to read on the subway, in shape, if you go to the gym.

6. Do not plan anything for the morning

Australian entrepreneur John Westenberg said that had often planned on Monday morning, something big, but to realize conceived it almost never succeed. As a result, he felt like a failure, and it set the tone for the rest of the week. In the end he decided that it is time for deeds. Why not take that approach in the review?

7. Put a small achievable goal of

Set a small task that can be performed accurately. The brain is like a big deal, we completed or small (so we often postpone important, but the bulk of the problem, and instead make a series of small cases). Treat yourself to a small but gratifying achievements at the beginning of the week: yoga classes, meditate, buy movie tickets for a weekend or sign up to the doctor.

How to love Mondays

8. You can work out

Not necessarily to buy a subscription to a fitness club or run several kilometers. Make exercises, practice under the video, go for a short run to the stadium near home or turn on the music and dance to.

9. Turn off notifications on your phone

Permanent life online provokes stress and be distracted at work. Is it really important to know who has commented on the status on Facebook or tweet responded to? If you completely give up notifications you are not ready, try to disable them on Monday. Let this day be calmer at least in this respect.

10. Create a special playlist

Music carries a powerful emotional charge, psychologists use it as a remedy. Favorite songs will add energy and lift your mood.

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How to love Mondays

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