You have been successful, but unhappy. What to do?

You have been successful, but unhappy. What to do?

1. Stop

Throw the case, take a timeout. Stay with me as long as necessary: ​​the moment, hour or day. Do not do anything. This is the first step out of the abyss of permanent dissatisfaction. Timeouts best done outdoors without a smartphone.

2. Breathe

How do you breathe? You can take a few deep breaths belly? Compare the breath in a calm and "busy" state. Deep breathing - effective and rapid means for restarting: inhale slowly through the nose, representing that the stomach - balloon which is filled with air.

3. Listen to yourself

Catch the moment when there is a feeling of dissatisfaction. You get him to shut up, distracted by work, food, or something else? We are not used to hearing. To hear, need peace, and we have a lot of thoughts in my head. Breathing exercise described above, sharpen intuition and helps you understand what you really want. His need to perform 3-5 minutes.

4. dream

Allow yourself to become a child again. Draw on a sheet of 12 squares by the number of months in a year. Write with colored markers that want to make each month.

You have been successful, but unhappy. What to do?


5. Focus

Avoid multitasking - you think that you are effective, but it dulls. Prioritize what is important at the moment? To devote time to a child or to do the project? If you are going to focus on one task, you will no longer have time and experience less stress.

6. Proceed

To paraphrase a classic, you can say that the knowledge - it is a potential force. Knowledge without action is useless. Think about what you can do now to have a little closer to the goal. Small steps lead to great results.

7. Communicate

When familiar with the dreams and desires, look for people who have excelled in the areas in which the dream to succeed. Read about them and what they write, understand what they are doing differently. Try to get to know them, live or online.

You have been successful, but unhappy. What to do?

8. Share

Talk about what is created, with whom to communicate, realistic. Select the platform on which to share experiences, knowledge and experience. Like Instagram, but I also take part in podcasts, leading webinars, speaking from the scene and meeting with friends.

9. Celebrate

When was the last time something mentioned? If not encouraging progress, probably, it was a long time ago. One of my favorite ways to celebrate - play music and dance. I also enjoy a romantic dinner with her husband, a girl's chat with her daughter and Sunday outings with friends. Give yourself a fragrant bath, a walk in the park or a trip for the weekend. You deserve it!

10. Start over

Again, use these strategies to keep in mind that it is important for you and achieve what you want to do. Cease to strive for success for success, listen to yourself. The answers to the questions "Who am I?" And "What do I want?" Are within us, is to hear them.

You have been successful, but unhappy. What to do?

About the Author

Courtney McDermott - motivational speaker and author of "Change begins within us" ( "Change Starts Within You", Sustainability Simplicated, 2017).