We too trust first impressions

We too trust first impressions

, look at whether the person is enough to know whether you can trust him? If so, why do we so often make mistakes in others? The first impression of a man - not a reason to make far-reaching conclusions about it, even it seems obvious. Why - meet the experts of the University of Toronto.

The first impression of the person determines our view it by 90%. Even when we know the facts, which are not in favor of our intuitive findings, we do not have to change them. Scientists from the University of Toronto say that our earliest sense of the human being formed at the first meeting, so strong, that we will be internally resisted any new information that contradicts them.

To know or feel?

Psychologist Nicholas Roel and his colleagues showed the study participants pictures of 20 men one by one, telling them only one detail - sexual orientation. Photos were selected in advance in accordance with what is considered stereotypical looks for heterosexual and homosexual men. The researchers then tested how the participants were able to remember (remember) what they were talking about people in the pictures. They showed pictures again, but in one case asked to reply immediately, but in the other - give time for reflection. The results showed that most participants made conclusions based solely on appearance, when they were not given time. "When they are not in a hurry with the answer, the participants often turned to his memory, not to the senses", - says Roel.

In order to make a good first impression, it is important to meet live

What does it mean? "This means that we not only should not hope that others will judge us objectively, - says Roel - but also themselves should remember that our opinions about other largely biased." In other words, to judge a book by its cover is natural for us, and we do it almost always. But it is important and what we can not change their opinions, even when it is read it.

A good impression - a matter of chance?

There is no guarantee that others will see us just as we want. But psychologist Jeremy Bezants advises: "To make a good first impression, it is important to meet live." The basis of this Council - a series of experiments in which he and his team analyzed and compared to the first reaction from the meetings with more than 1,000 people who are either communicated with each other during the 3-minute live interview or watched person videos, which they had evaluated.

The results showed: while the "accuracy of the estimates was the same in both cases," "negative assessments are much more common when the acquaintance was one-sided, by viewing a video." In other words, to guess the personality traits of human participants succeeded anyway. But when they saw a man only on the screen, they are more focused on the negative features of his appearance and behavior than positive or neutral.

We too trust first impressions

The same rule applies in a romantic relationship. Impression of the live communication is always better. People rather trust your "liking" when they meet with someone, says researcher Paul Eastwick, so "it is difficult to really know a person, looking at the profile on a social network." This may be the reason that people so often feel frustrated when they meet their seemingly perfect partner outside the network. Good solution - to meet live as soon as possible to set up a fantasy image is not obscured a real person. Some experts even recommend that between online dating and meeting in "real life" was not more than a few weeks.

first impression Virus

If it is difficult to form an unbiased opinion, even in respect of important people, what to speak of those whom we see for a few seconds on the street or television? But herein lies the cause of many social problems and errors. The first impression of a man is at the core of most of our prejudices - this applies primarily to racial and national stereotypes. For example, African-American men are more often portrayed negatively in the Western media, they are often shown as antisocial personalities and criminals. Such sustained negative attitude may even impose a black man certain behaviors. That is, they, in turn, are beginning to behave like them this waiting.

"When you see another person, both born and your impression of him", - says Roel. It takes only a split second to decide what will be your general sense of the person. We may not be able to fully overcome its influence on our actions. The solution is not to try to change that first impression, but to wait a bit before you decide what will be your relationship with a specific person. The more time passes, the more we will be inclined to take into account the real state of affairs.