20, little things that make up a great love

How do you know that next to you - a loving partner? On a small feat that makes the closest person every day. And if your daily routine consists of those moments, you're in luck: you have met true love.

20, little things that make up a great love

In time to praise, support, soothe. Meet the wife late at night in the metro or bring a cup of tea to her husband, who stayed too long at the computer. We sometimes do not notice these little things everyday. But they love.

Love - is ...

1. When you are ill, and he sits in the kitchen with a carcass chicken and laptop computer and searches in Google "how to cook soup."

2 When you give him his charge, although your phone too soon sit.

3 When you bypass the three stores to buy his favorite dark chocolate.

4. When your child does something, and you look at each other that special parental look that says: "This is what we have created such a miracle."

5 When you come home late, and the husband pours you a glass of wine.

6. When it every morning at the beginning of acquaintance sends you a funny video short titled "Good morning!"

7. When you decide not to celebrate wedding anniversary, and then it turns out that you bought each other gifts.

8 When it finds and reads you a really boring book aloud, because you just can not sleep.

9 When he made clean!

20, little things that make up a great love

10 When the partner stands with you for an hour in front of the stage, waiting for Beyonce will appear, although he is not a fan of Beyonce.

11 When the partner says you are fine in a day when you feel that you are less than perfect.

12 When you fall asleep on his hand, and he will not wake, though his hand was numb for a long time.

13 When he was up all night watching three seasons of your favorite series to start in the morning to watch the fourth season together with you.

14 When you first came in his bachelor apartment and a week later he bought a toaster, coffee machine and mixer, "to make you more comfortable."

15 When you're talking about, how was your day, and he suddenly says: "I'm proud of you."

16 When the sister asked you for his birthday, and he brings her daughter to her favorite children's book.

17 When you are very tired at work and as soon as I got home, start making him a massage.

18 When he saves in your phone, some of your sms, because they are "ridiculous."

19 When you get sms on a business trip, "Good night," just like that, without having to answer.

20 When he first gets up early in the morning to prepare breakfast for you, and you wake up the smell of coffee.