What do people think, read the character of pictures in social networks

We hear from childhood, that you should not judge a book by its cover. But ourselves, and we are judged by appearance or photos on social networks. And sometimes understand more about us than we would like.

What do people think, read the character of pictures in social networks

A photo of sexual or serious? Alone or with friends? Details tell others what you are not going to broadcast it. Five conclusions that can be drawn from a photo in social networks.

Sexy photo - a blow to women's friendliness

Women do not approve of those who openly shows Sexuality: whether it is a particular behavior or something simple like a red dress. This is nothing new, and in 2014, scientists from the University of Oregon have seen that in social networks all the same.

Researchers have created two pages of women with different photos. On the one she was dressed provocatively - from under the dress could be seen garter stockings. On the other, she was wearing jeans, shirt and scarf.

Then the girls 13-25 years old were asked to rate the page according to how attractive and professional it seems the woman in the photo and how the survey participants would like to be friends with her. Page sexual photos less popular, but the biggest difference was in the assessment of professionalism: frivolous Photo lack credibility among participants.

What do people think, read the character of pictures in social networks

Be happy, but not too

Luciano happiness people who are widely and often smile, give the impression of a friendly and open to communication. But this is not always a plus for the employer. Scientists from New York University in 2015, decided to find out how it should look like a perfect photo in professional social networks. Exploring pictures in LinkedIn, they found that potential employers like most people who look at the photos "slightly happy". How to portray it? Obviously, do not smile from ear to ear - just raised corners of the lips and a relaxed, friendly expression. People with the photo is considered more reliable than serious - "a little" happy is more trusted.

Selfies - mirror of the soul

Researchers from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore have tried to understand what information brings selfie. More sympathy cause those who look at the photos positively and keep the camera is not too high. Lovers "duck face" often feel nervous and emotional instability. Self, which is difficult to determine the place of shooting, attributed most conscious individuals - may assume that they are concerned about the privacy of personal information. People do not always correctly assess the character of the person in the photo, but usually gets to the point when it comes to openness and extraversion.

What do people think, read the character of pictures in social networks

Where are you from

Profile photo can tell where you come from. Researchers from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the National Taiwan University compared the pages in social networks Taiwanese and American students. Some of the students in Taiwan were US citizens, and vice versa, but the national origin of a person affects what photos he prefers to put in the profile. Natives of Taiwan chose the photo the general plan, but Americans portraits. Later a similar study conducted with students from three American and three Asian universities, and the results were the same. Americans rarely shown in the photo is something other than her face and smiling or showing other emotions active students from Asia.

To trust or not to trust

We want to look better, but too provocative photos provoke a negative assessment. But there is good news - the representatives of different sexes perceive sexuality in different ways. In 2015, the University of Connecticut researchers have conducted a study in which participants were asked to evaluate the profile photo on two parameters: the attractiveness and reliability.

Men showed two different pictures of the same women: regular and "improved" - with good light, styling and makeup. A woman shows two pictures of men. Men recognized that the "enhanced" photo of a woman look sexy, but cause less confidence. Women thought men on a beautiful photo is not only more attractive but also reliable.