10 questions will help you understand whether you can save relationship

10 questions will help you understand whether you can save relationship

1. Can I say that a partner most of the time annoys me?

The constant irritation over time can develop into anger and contempt. It is necessary to stop the process at an early stage.

2. Whether It often happens that he (she) goes wrong with me, as I expected (a)?

Everyone has expectations and preferences. Inability to show flexibility, compromise, taking into account the interests of the partner disastrous for a relationship. You need to understand which of your expectations are "final line" that must not be crossed.

3. Do I envy the relationships of others?

If yes, you need to think about your relationship with your partner. Did they give you something important and necessary? Or actually there is nothing for which they would be worth supporting and further?

4. Is It happens that I am afraid to express partner that actually think?

If you are afraid to say what's on your mind, you can learn to overcome this fear. whether it is caused by reactions of the partner or something else?

5. Do I feel the lack of mutual trust, thereby preventing achieve real intimacy?

If these or past relationship partner has cheated on you, dismantle, whether the lack of mutual trust is called at the moment the real causes.

10 questions will help you understand whether you can save relationship

6. Are we trying to partner constantly "fix" each other?

If so, one can hardly expect openness and honesty in a relationship. Enough effort one of the partners in order to stop it.

7. Do we tend to "bury" the problem deeper, until one of us is going to explode?

If you constantly put off solving problems, sooner or later there will be an explosion. No need to bring to this. Efforts will be enough of one of the partners.

8. Do you often "running away" from problems emotionally or literally?

The tendency to escape from the problems can create serious tensions, particularly if one partner wants to discuss everything. A compromise is always possible.

9. We are looking for an excuse to avoid each other's company?

This is a sign of mistrust. Both of you need to answer the question, what do you want from a relationship.

10. Sometimes there that friends asked why I do still live with this person?

Friends usually wish us the best, and their opinion is taken into account. Still, only you can make a final decision, this is right for you or not.

The results of

If you answered "yes" to 6 or more questions, relations are in a "high-risk zone." It is not necessary immediately to break them, but you and the partner's time to pay attention to the problem and learn how to solve them. You may also think about what you want out of life at this stage and whether the relationship give what you need.

If you answered "yes" to 2-5 questions, your relationship does not fall into the "high risk zone", but should pay more attention to them. Develop communication skills: it could give the relationship a second breath.