10 posts about the relationship that it is better not to write on Facebook

10 posts about the relationship that it is better not to write on Facebook

When you watch for others, life takes on additional urgency and importance. I would like to add more and more details and share them with a grateful audience. Only here the viewer sitting in the dark room, we do not see and sometimes we forget about it. How to forget about where the boundaries lie between the intimate, our personal happiness and that know about us and our partner any stranger from those who have a laptop or a smartphone.

1. Touching posts about partner

We are all familiar with such a pair: the two birds who had built her nest and dragged it the blade of grass, then a rope, and they lovingly decorate their pages hearts and poems. They are the ones who need early in the day post on Facebook a photo with the caption "I love. I'm waiting for. " All friends in the heat of the morning affairs will get your news, you will drop to the page and moved. Perhaps some even raise his eyes to heaven.

Psychotherapist Marcia Berger says that couples who are constantly reporting on his life, according to her consulting experience, are not a very good relationship, but often continue to convince themselves and others of the opposite.

2. Photos published without the permission of

For example, photos from yesterday's party, where your girl is doing "crazy" eyes. Listen to the advice of a psychologist Seth Meyers, who wrote the book "How to overcome the syndrome of rehearsal relations and to find love." Immediately ask your partner early in the relationship, as it relates to the fact that you placed his photos on his page.

Perhaps the man had already managed to create an austere image on your page - racing, hiking, nothing more. And then you show it to the seals in the hands ... Or a photo of him "king of wine and vodka kingdom" pops out of place when applying for a job.

3. The jokes about his business exploits and failures of

Its first vegetable soup or frightened eyes at a chicken carcass. For friends and for you this unforgettable memories. But do not forget that the social network love not only your friends.

If you do not put a filter, you never know how many people read the post, Aaron Anderson says family therapist from a family clinic in Denver. Photos with carrot in his hand and the caption "The project aims to completion" or your boastful "In our house, the women do not wash dishes," available to his colleagues and business partners, and quite strangers.

4. Live coverage from the event

Yesterday he was guilty. In the morning you left a message on his wall, from which one learns about where he spent the night. Do you have insight, ability to deduction, and you make an unambiguous inferences.

Brenda Della Casa, an expert in the field of relations, recalls two things: first, your emotions are now going through the roof, and in this state, it is better not to leave written messages rash. Secondly, do not forget that now, in fact, you are making a public statement. Still get better wait.

10 posts about the relationship that it is better not to write on Facebook


5. The post about the personal qualities of the partner

As well as photo essays from the store where you bought him a new pair of pajamas and silk underwear into the bedroom.

6. Comments to the correspondence with his former

Yes, this is the reality - many continue to communicate in social networks with the former, because the stay with them in friends. Every day they learn from the friends list on news and sometimes enter into correspondence. It does not have to like you. But it is better to discuss such questions in person, says an expert in the field of relations Neely Steinberg. If you show up and leave your sarcastic comment, it's bad for you, like any passive aggression, which can not find a way out.

7. Details of quarrels and explanation of the relationship

Res is about quarrels, after which you immediately change your status to "suddenly single", or even remove it from friends. Family therapist Christine Wilke advised to leave such things behind closed bedroom door and take the time to do their common heritage. "If you let the cat out of the bag, you will not be able to drive it back."

8. TMI (in translation: too much information)

Comments about sex good for messenger or SMS. Your partner will be flattered by reading at the wall, "I am burning with desire, come quickly." But his subordinates or coach your child will be puzzled.

9. The Subtle hints, understandable to everyone

You read on the Internet an interesting article - say, about ten terrible quality in-law - and are posting a link to it, or be distributed to friends with the comment "Someone that reminds me ..." Even though before that you prudently put the filter in-law can not read your messages, information still eventually find distribution channels ...

10. A reminder to buy milk

Social networks - a wonderful tool to unite people interested in the same things, immediately inform important news, or to raise funds to help. A call for better milk. Give yourself a private space for communication.