Five signs of "non-serious" relationship

Five signs of

The problem of these relations is that they do not develop. At the head of piling up questions: "whether he met with someone besides me? How he would react if I invite him on a family holiday? ". You can not find the answers in the soul fears grow. Perhaps you are in such a relationship for several months or even years, but still have no idea where they are.

Next five signs will help determine whether the relationships are classified as non-serious.

1. You are too long to ponder the message

Sometimes virtual communication is more stressful than private. When meeting with a special person, we try to create the ideal conditions to hit him in the heart. If relations have passed the stage of the first meeting, and you continue to re-read the conversation or ask for advice from friends before you send a message, it is cause for concern. Communicating with loved ones should not cause stress and tension.

You may be trying to demonstrate wit or afraid to write something that will scare. In any case, you need to figure out what the problem is and to stop exaggerating the importance of messages. If a man decides to leave due to a failed message, it would leave you anyway. If you want to develop the relationship, you must feel comfortable with the person and do not get hung on every word.

2. You disbosom and then apologize

Let's say you had a fight with his sister or was refused after an interview for a job. The first impulse - to tell all the partner. But after that it covers guilt. You start thinking, why should not have done. You want to apologize for the emotional outburst.

Five signs of

Maybe you're afraid to feel vulnerable. In any case, there is reason for which you are uncomfortable to open the partner. Try to be honest with you. Understand why you find it difficult to share griefs and sorrows, it will help to more clearly see the situation and decide what to do next.

3. You do not know where the boundaries of

The alleged responsibility. In "frivolous" or you do not know whether there is you have a responsibility to one another, or do not know how far it extends. From this born doubts and fears about the future of relations. It is difficult to plan when you do not know what to do with this.

Can I flirt with the cute bartender? Will not fair of you to sit in the application for Me? The intricate relationships such simple issues become very complex. But the best solution - openly ask the partner. Of course, it sounds scary. But the reality in which you do not know the answers, no less frightening. Border shape the relationship, and you have a right to know what's going on with the union.

4. You do not know what's important in life for him

Perhaps you remember by heart the description of his zodiac sign, you know the names of your favorite players, and title bars, in which he goes on Friday, but did not know about life goals and values. This is a sign of lack of seriousness of your relationship: do you know the details of everyday life, but he will not let me into the depths of the soul. If you were trying to ask open-ended questions, but have not been able to start a deep conversation, understand why. Happy relationships are different species, but the ability to communicate effectively - the key to success for all.

5. Are you afraid to discuss relationships

The question "where are our relations?" Many scares. It is one thing to be afraid to ask him too early, the other, when you realize that it's too late. You feel that the conversation would be disastrous. A person who is not ready to take responsibility, does not want to discuss these topics, it is not your fault. You deserve happy open relationship, do not be afraid to ask questions. If your partner wants to build a common future, it will work on them. The right person will not have to make.