10 reasons why men remain in unhappy relationships

When a relationship is exhausted, it is necessary to leave. But we do not always follow this rule and easy to come up with reasons to stay. Ten men have told, why stay in a relationship for longer than would be necessary.

10 reasons why men remain in unhappy relationships

Few people find a partner on the first attempt and the second or third. Of course, some luck, but most have to heal a broken heart until you meet "half". Separation are rarely easy, but provide valuable lessons. We leave the relationship wiser and more aware than we are at the beginning, more we understand about their desires, it is closer to an understanding of what is needed really.

However, many remain in a relationship that has long been exhausted. But men and women do it for different reasons. Answers to ten men, why they did not leave by partners, although I understand that the relationship is not destined to be the very same.

1. Due to the relatives. "She was in good terms with the family: my parents, uncles and aunts, brothers and sisters, their husbands and wives and their children. They loved it and asserted that such a beautiful woman I no longer find anywhere. While I understand that it is not what I need, I could not sever the relationship. I knew I would have to listen to questions and regret. As a result, still I broke up with her since a few years, but my sister and I remember it. " Philippe, 36 years old. 2. Due to the time spent. "We are constantly swearing and did not understand each other, but I did not want to leave, because we have been together for many years. I do not want to admit that he had spent so many years in vain. Of course, now I realize that it is not in vain lived years, but then it stopped me: we've been together, you can not just pick up and leave. She broke up with me, and I'm grateful to her, because then he met the woman he loved. " Victor, 49 years old.

10 reasons why men remain in unhappy relationships

to 3. Because hope to fix it. "It was pride. I was sure that I can build relationships, correct. I do not want to admit to myself that there are things that can not influence, or which can not change, or that the other side it may not be necessary. I tried to convince myself that I can fix it, and put up with the scandals and misunderstandings. " Alexander, 29 years old.

4. Due to the fear of losing support. "When I was younger, I was convinced that the man should be strong and keep your emotions inside. My friends and I were discussing sports and music, but not our feelings. But with ex-girlfriend, I could be completely honest, to tell about the fears, hopes, doubts. I could be vulnerable, and I loved it. When a relationship is outdated, I knew it, but still pulled because they did not want to lose the opportunity to talk frankly about the internal feelings. " David, 32 years old. 5. Because of the convenience. "I was lazy. We were not very happy, but there was no scandal. I felt that I did not want to start the bachelor life. I was comfortable. I knew that if I parted, I have to do is - go to the gym and spend a lot of time and money on dates. So I was to stay in a relationship where it was comfortable. But over time it became uncomfortable partner, and she was gone, as I said, to a man who does not care. And I do not blame her. " Max, 38 years old.

6. Because of the appeal. "I know it sounds awful and superficial, but it was beautiful. Understand that it is unlikely ever to get hold of the life of a woman is as beautiful, so pulling a gap. At the same time I felt awful as the man she irritated me. " Nick, 25 years old.

10 reasons why men remain in unhappy relationships

7. Because of the fear to see her with another. "I knew that after breaking it will have another thought about this killing. At the same time he wanted to be, but did not want her, that they had been with someone else. It sounds silly, maybe, but I felt that it is not ready for it, especially when I started to think about what she would have sex with someone else. When the relationship soured, these thoughts are not so bothered me. " Roman, 44 years old.

8. The unwillingness to start a difficult conversation. "Every time when I tried to talk about our relationship and problems, she started to scream and curse. I'm not conflicted man, the son of one of my parents never swore, and I did not know what to do. I knew that if he spoke again about it, would be a scandal. Therefore, for some time I kept discontent in himself and did not say anything to her, and then at one point said he can not do more than that I was unhappy, and walked away. Perhaps, she then cried for a long time. " Daniel, 35 years old. 9. Because of the desire to keep the promise. "The relationship soured long ago, we were both unhappy, but I thought that if I made a vow at the altar, you should try to smooth things out. It is not always made an effort, but still remained, and believed that doing noble, keeps his word, and that's what a man should do. This went on for almost ten years, but broke up "as a result of marriage. Mark, 46 years old.

10. Because sex. "We had a lot of problems in the relationship, but the sex was incredible. I knew that after leaving me, most likely, will have some time to live without it, and even more unlikely I will go find the one with whom I will have the same compatibility. So I closed my eyes to the problem. " Tim, 28 years old.