How to win unrequited love?

Unrequited loving person suffers mental anguish and almost physical torment. And yet, should try to adequately survive the current difficult situation.

To begin, take a look at what is happening sober, as they say, with the mind position. This means that immediately discard completely inappropriate solutions to the problem, such as suicidal thoughts, as not all so badly, and, by and large, can not be taken "on the soul of sin". Try not to dramatize the situation, without releasing itself from the bitter thoughts, do not torment yourself the question "why?" Because the answer to them you still can not find.

Try to treat the unrequited love as a serious illness that requires mandatory treatment, but healing from her inevitable, so there is no cause for concern.

Clearly understand for themselves that the other person can not be someone else's property, including your own, but because he will never be able to experience the same feelings as you, act like you - in a word, have your copy . Hardly he can and relieve your emotional pain and distress. And therefore inappropriate in this case to talk about jealousy, all the more so expect something good comes from it unambiguously.

Respect yourself, do not try to hook or by crook to get attention from the object of his adoration, do not try to make him sorry for yourself, it is unlikely to be enough, because love - is something else. It is impossible to induce a sense of gratitude, or, on the contrary, immediately kill any bad deed. Moreover, taken too clearly, annoying attempts to generate interest from a loved one can put you are not in the best, and even ridicule.

How to win unrequited love?

It is not necessary to make any sacrifice for the beloved man meekly, offering him, for example, your body, when suddenly he is willing to use them periodically. Believe me, these "happy" moments, in fact, you do not bring happiness, but the effects may not be the most pleasant in the moral and in the physical plane.

Your, even the strongest and these feelings do not have to bring your favorite person or his relatives no hassle, the more trouble, and you all this, too, is not necessary. And if the object is in the sighing of family relations, the general should be as restrained in the manifestation of their feelings. After all, most likely, your senses will soon remain in the past, but in the family relations of the former lover can form a significant crack.

Believe me, everything takes place in this life, for that matter, and she, not to mention any feelings for the other person. Love for life - this is more of the field of fairy tales in my life with so much love I have to meet very, very rare. This feeling will leave in you resentment and frustration? Or the same warm and happy memories that are not marred by anything bad, what do not even want to remember?

In many respects it depends on your perception of what is happening before. After all, like it or not, love, even unrequited - is a strong feeling, bestowing joy loving person, and, in spite of everything, he should feel happy, even if that happiness is "a bitter taste." If a person is capable of deep feelings, so he sincere and true, and in his life, be sure to meet someone who fully appreciate the qualities of the soul. And it will be the most half, in search of that someone spends a lifetime.

How to win unrequited love?

By the way, each of us, regardless of their gender, may fall in love with the man that is fraught with falling in love, since it is initially not possible to create normal relations in a pair, not to mention the creation of a complete family. After all, these people are in principle not able to give pleasure to a loved one, they are only able to destroy his life. Although there is a chance to fix it, if a person is ready to change.

Let your love brings you only positive emotions!