How to make impact on your career?

A perceived makeup colleagues? How it affects the career? The generally positive, but men and women see it differently.

Researchers at two British universities - Stirling and Sones - found that when women make-up colleagues - dominance signal, for men - a sign of authority.

And domination and authority - the tools by which people reach a high position in society. Those who adhere to the strategy of domination, ready to use on the way to their targets force and fear. Reputable people possess qualities that encourage others to follow their lead without coercion.

Processed pictures of real women neat "digital makeup," the researchers suggested men and women to evaluate the images before and after the procedure.

How to make impact on your career?

It was found that a little makeup on her face, as the researchers expected, makes a woman attractive to a photo in the opinion of both sexes.

However, assessing the social status, men have used the term authority, while women - dominance. Thus, one and the same make-up proved to strong and weak sex marker of different statuses.

Assessing the male reaction, the researchers explain it by the fact that men are generally physically stronger than women, they do not usually have to compete directly with the ladies, proving their superiority. In addition, both the attractiveness and credibility - positive qualities. People are prone to cognitive biases and often carry an overall positive impression on the particular features.

How to make impact on your career?

Women's consciousness perceives makeup colleagues otherwise. Another's attractiveness to women a source of danger, potential assassination, an attempt to recapture her man. In addition, the presence of a number of attractive person of the same sex implicitly casts doubt on its own merits.

In the study, attractiveness and makeup are almost synonymous. It turns out that makeup makes women's jealousy? To test this hypothesis, the researchers conducted a second round of interviews.

Its participants are offered not only to evaluate the attractiveness of women in the paired images, but also asked to answer the question: "Could a woman with photo call jealousy, communicating with your partner?"

The hypothesis proved to be correct. Makeup makes women around jealousy, and this may be one of the reasons that made-up face is perceived as dominant.

How to make impact on your career?

In addition, it was found that women seem to instinctively understand how to make-up affects the male point of view, and they know that, thanks to makeup, they become more attractive and more authoritative for the opposite sex.

Researchers believe that the make-up, depending on the range of communication, may facilitate or impede social interactions.

How to make impact on your career?

For example, "Let the powder in the eyes", you can improve the view of their competence. Ladies should not forget this, going to an interview to the personnel officer-man.