Why would a man's beard?

Based on the fact that people pay attention to the appearance, it is easy to assume that they - we, that is - just carefully select a suitable partner himself. According to researchers from the University of Northumbria, a beard in this process if the assistant, it is not the main and indirect, but very effective.

Men looks noticeably different from women, including through the vegetation on the cheeks. The explanation for this is often reduced to evolution by sexual selection - the process, releasing features that increase the chances of mating.

In this case, women somehow do not always glad beard. Research shows that some people do not rather against a certain number of hair on the face, while the majority prefer to cling to smooth clean-shaven cheeks partner.

Why would a man's beard?

From this we can conclude that the beard has survived in the process of evolution, not because women are attracted density, touchy or fragrant smell of spilled past the mouth of coffee.

But the one who knows exactly what women want? While they themselves are emotionally told about his dislike of the beard, the researchers found that not a single love ... Despite the fact that the density of the vegetation is not linked to testosterone levels, studies show that men and women perceive as the bearded men more powerful, aggressive and older than the other.

This key to success. In dominant men are more likely to "take your" than the nice smelling clean-shaven namby-pamby, no matter how he was pleasant to the touch.

Why would a man's beard?

This is true not only today, but throughout the history of mankind. Dominance can provide a stunning success: genetic studies show that about 8% of the modern male population of Asia - the descendants of Genghis Khan and his family.

Fashion historians noticed the popularity of beards bursts in the UK in 1842 and 1971. Having analyzed the demographic data, the researchers found that during these periods in the country had a surplus of single men and disadvantage women.

Beard - not the only way to express his dominance. In addition to facial hair, women are different from men more high-pitched voices.

Researchers at Northumbria conducted an experiment with dozens of men and women and found that the lower a man's voice, the more there signs of dominance over others. Indeed, as previously established by psychologists from McMaster University, political leaders with rich low voice, more chances to win the election.

Why would a man's beard?

The announced our desire to tend to reflect the external side of the issue. For example, the "average" man believes that his body should be muscular, while women claim that the extra muscle they do not need a partner. "Average" woman convinced that it should be thin and made up, but men do not really like the taste of lipstick, and in general they are "on the bone does not rush."

Nevertheless, all these tricks work. Just not on the outside, but on some other, secret level.

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