Why a man ignores the woman, who he likes?

Now many authors works, psychologists, and just ordinary men believe that in our age is gradually coming to an end the existence of feelings, like love, is still described by Pushkin. That increased the speed of our life, the pursuit of success, power and money do we have armor-piercing, and feelings, including love of a woman, bounce off us like stones from the iron.

Of course, it is not. However, some men, especially the young, consider that a certain rudeness toward a woman (of course, within reason, otherwise it is transferred to the insults) gives them a certain behavior masculinity and "coolness". And the result often is that women, especially young and inexperienced, believes that the man ignores it.

In fact, it is not so. There may be at least two options. Very often a man's behavior (especially the young, although in our time the concept of "youth" often extends to the age of 30 or even 35 years) is just a mask that hides a lack of experience in the relationship, or the fear of not justify the confidence of the woman or be insolvent in any type of relationship. Well, the second option - maybe she did not like very much, and he does not try to hide it.

From the first second reason follows. It consists in the fact that one of the most popular current male qualities is infantilism. After all, 80 years ago, and the 20-year-old boy was considered an adult, and now about 30-year-old, his mother could say a phrase like "he was still young to get married, he just turned 30". And this can be said, even if several years have passed since my little boy loved tridtsatnik struck ...

Why a man ignores the woman, who he likes?

As a result, this young man is afraid to be bound by the obligations, because of the woman should take care of, and then the children can appear. And what about the children can say, if he himself - the child? This requires a special woman who would take the initiative and brought this "adult child" in the state of men, beating along with his mother (which is often a difficult task).

And negative experience gained as a result of man with women, too, is not conducive to positivism in its relations with them. After the insult inflicted by the woman becomes a severe blow to the male ego, and you need a lot of effort and time to throw off the resulting film. And the time required for this also depends on the strength of the nature of the man. Being under the influence of negative experience, it is difficult to determine in its attitude to women.

It may create a situation that will not please a woman appropriate male expectation. Here, I do not take into account its financial insolvency, does not satisfy man. Relationships of convenience are not the subject of the article. I want to say about the behavior of women, the level of her intelligence. After all, even a very pretty girl could deter other man, only "opened his mouth". If a man intellectually developed, it will not be able to build a relationship with a woman that does not correspond to such level. Well, it may simply not understand why this one seems to be a nice man threw it. Many men may not like some of the habits of women. For example, smoking. Now everything is going to ensure that people who smoke greater among women than men, and those who do not want to be next to each other a smoking friend, have no choice but to force her to give up the habit. Or he would have to part with it. Although there are different options.

Why a man ignores the woman, who he likes?

or men do not like that woman did not prevent her from flirting with other men. Some of it is only provoke and be flattered that their women pay attention to another do not like this behavior. It depends on the nature of man.

In general, the last three reasons, in my opinion, "curable". People tend to change, and a woman can to please a man, to change their behavior or give up bad habits.

Now the situation in the world has changed dramatically, even in comparison with the approach to life that existed thirty years ago. There such thing as political correctness, globalism ... and feminism. Of course, it existed before, but only in the XXI century has acquired, as if to say, legislative form.

That is, if the penalty for rape has always existed (at least, in the twentieth century), then this offense as "sexual harassment", hardly more than 20-30 years. But this article of the Criminal Code in many countries! And in many countries the victims of this article has been a lot of politicians, managers, high-ranking military.

Why a man ignores the woman, who he likes?

A man watching these processes, and in the soul of many people there is a feeling that, if not all, many of the women belong to such a feminist, and from them we can expect anything - including spoiled life and career.

Russia has not yet reached such lawlessness, while the US and Europe, many men are simply afraid to approach women, even liked, in order to avoid problems. But the most significant occasion for men, in my opinion, "ignore" a beautiful woman - is that he is not free. After polygamous is not a common quality of all the men and women feel that it is like some kind of man, can be subjective or simply misleading.

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