Paradoxes of appeal

Men like soft and delicate feminine traits. But there is this soft deep feelings - or just a desire to have a frivolous affair?

Paradoxes of appeal

The standards of feminine beauty are no longer mandatory. The arguments on the subject of men's preferences have been reduced to one conclusion - everyone likes a certain type of appearance, figure and face.

But the results of studies published in the British Journal of Psychology, suggests: some features of a woman's face affect the choice of men is very specific.

Delicate features - soft lines, rounded oval and narrow cheekbones - attracted to men ... but do not have them for long-term relationships. They are especially attracted to those who are already in a relationship. This law opened a team of scientists from the Universities of Stirling, Glasgow and McMaster School of Psychology and Neuroscience (UK).

Those who are willing to risk a serious relationship, establish more stringent selection criteria

The researchers studied the behavior of 393 men, 207 of which are already in a relationship. They were shown 10 pairs of photographs. Each pair portrayed the same woman's face, which is a computer program awarded more or less pronounced feminine features. The experiment confirmed the existing guess - most men have chosen portraits with the "feminine" features.

The researchers then asked to consider women as the partners for long-term or short-term relationships.

The most feminine women - they exist in reality, and not just the altered portraits - would be in the list of contenders for the short novels. And free men chosen for a relationship "on the" most feminine face.

For short-term bonds in the experiment, men choose women with feminine traits

The researchers concluded that those who are willing to risk a serious relationship, establish more stringent criteria for selecting a temporary partner. A free men make the choice easier - and they can lower the bar candidates femininity. But for short-term bonds in the experiment, they also chose girls with feminine traits.

Such studies help to explain the mysteries of male behavior. But girls with feminine facial features do not need to despair. After all, individual and build any relationships not only in the subconscious reactions, but also on other equally important factors.