7 signs that your partner begins to lose interest in you

7 signs that your partner begins to lose interest in you

is hard to feel that a loved one is moving away, it can arouse fear and uncertainty. It may seem that in a relationship, something changed for the worse. "If the partner is physically located close by, but there is a feeling that he was mentally and emotionally far, maybe he energetically closed. This may be a protective mechanism, which often uses the one who does not know how to express feelings, but can not escape, "- says family therapist Lynsey Sealy.

If this happens, do not make hasty conclusions about why the partner is alienated. Call it a conversation and ask directly. "Perhaps the partner lost interest, but does not know how to say it. There may be other reasons for closing it, but it's best not to guess. Encourage your child to talk about feelings, with Treat them with understanding, "- says Seeley.

Disputes and quarrels are not the most productive part of the relationship, but it is still energy

In addition to the instinctive feelings, there are signs, we were asked to list their psychotherapists.

1. Partner does not care about the details of your life

In healthy relationships, people are interested in each other's lives, it is not only about major events, but also about the little things. If you're an important partner, and he knows that you have an important meeting in the morning, because you are nervous, you probably will write and ask about how it went. If he is not mentally with you, you will remember about your problems, or treat them with indifference. "It no longer interested in the details of your life," - says an expert on psychotherapy pairs Ayse McKimmie.

2. It is (a) long to respond to messages

We all have a lot to do, sometimes do not have time to look at the phone. But if the partner used to be always in touch, and now suddenly began to vanish, he may begin to drift. "Sometimes it is not immediately obvious that a loved one stepped back, so it is worth considering how eagerly he comes in contact. If you care about him, you can not for a long time to respond to messages that do not call back, apologizing that he forgot or was busy at work - says psychologist Jean Delyukka. - These explanations may be true, but when such behavior becomes the norm rather than the exception, it is an alarming sign. "Most of the phone is always at hand, you can reply to a message in a few seconds."

3. Partner ignores your requests or suspended

There is nothing wrong to tell a partner what you want, it is not a mind reader. But if you have to constantly ask for basic things and the request is ignored, perhaps, a partner gave up on relationships.

7 signs that your partner begins to lose interest in you

"If you have the feeling that the attention has to beg, most likely, he loses interest in you. In a healthy relationship favorite person is always responding positively to our desire to get the attention, support and care. If, however, the pair split, our wishes are ignored or met with a negative response, "- explains Ayse McKimmie.

No contact is not too concerned about the partner. "When a person is completely lost interest in the relationship, he is no longer sad, and do not grieve about this, all the emotions are left behind. Now he is thinking of something else ", - psychologist Anna Crowley explains.

4. You no longer argue

If disagreements between the partners every time translate into screams and scandals, the case may be in an unhealthy relationship dynamics. But the ability to argue honestly (no profanity, yelling and turning inward) - on the contrary, a sign of a healthy relationship. If your loved one has become so indifferent to all that he even stopped to argue with you, chances are you are not important to him. "Yes, disputes and quarrels - not the most productive part of the relationship, but it is still the energy that we invest in them. We argue that we are not all the same when we want to be seen and heard. If the disputes are terminated, the case may be that the partner has lost interest in the relationship, "- says Anna Crowley.

For example, before you constantly quarreling because of the cleaning of the apartment. Now a partner in general ceased to notice (and even more to mention) that dirty linen is no longer fit in the basket.

"In other words, a loved one has ceased to make an effort to maintain stability in the relationship. He had already given up and ready to go, while you are still set to fight ", - Crowley explains.

5. You have sex rarely

At the beginning of the relationship partners are especially passionate show their sympathy for each other. Psychologist Jamie Goldstein calls it a new relationship energy. You have butterflies in the stomach, in the eyes of love, you're always sitting in an embrace on the couch, and often have sex.

It should be understood that the success of relationships need mutual interest and mutual efforts

Normally, this energy begins to dissipate over time. But if kissing, cuddling and making love almost go out of your life - it's an alarm. "When falling interest disappear and physical manifestations of sympathy. If a partner has become much less likely to go to physical contact after the first passion has cooled down a bit, it can be a sign of losing its interest, "- says Goldstein.

6. The partner has lost interest in your friends and family

If the relationship with them is important to you, the partner should respect that. He might not be thrilled with the prospect of spending yet another weekend of your parents, but surely agree for you. If he was to avoid contact with your rodnymi- possible relationship has become indifferent to him. "Yes, we do not always want to chat with friends and relatives of the partner, but go at it for a loved one. If the partner is no longer willing to give in, so he does not want to make an effort for the sake of your relationship, "- says Ayse McKimmie.

7. Partner puts the relationship in the first place

Sometimes small children, urgent work, illness, family and so on need to be addressed. But in most cases in the first place for you and a partner must be mutual support. If a loved one is spending time and energy on a career, a hobby or socializing with friends, perhaps the relationship is no longer important to him. "You deserve to have a special place in the life of a loved one. If it does not, it's time to step back and rethink the relationship "- says Lincy Sealy.

If you always have to initiate a conversation with your partner and build joint plans alone, it is also a bad sign. "You have to understand that the success of relationships need mutual interest and mutual efforts," - emphasizes Gina Delyukka.

Source: Huffington Post