The habit of eating right: how to persuade the body is that useful?

In traditional Chinese medicine, as well as in modern nutrition, the "right" foods are those that are highly digestible and contain no chemical additives. Meat and fish, cereals and vegetables, oils and herbs, nuts and seeds - that is, in fact, all that is necessary to maintain human health. One question remains: how to train yourself to eat right on a permanent basis? How to negotiate with the body that he wanted to do that, instead of chocolate or crisps?

The habit of eating right: how to persuade the body is that useful?

Anna Vladimirova

An expert on Chinese Medicine Articles

The habit of eating right: how to persuade the body is that useful?

The specialists of traditional Chinese medicine believe that any food has some effect on us. Neutrals are no products - they somehow affect the body: either we eat that gives us strength and helps fight disease, or eat something that contributes to the development of diseases.

Chinese doctors are taught to diagnose the disease in its infancy - on pulse, the state of the mucous membranes, skin, and other factors to determine the imbalance, which in a few years will lead to the appearance of the first symptoms. Doctors are guided by subtle, imperceptible even to the patient processes, and food is one of the fine health settings.

What can and what can not be

If you go to the reception to the Chinese doctor, he is likely to appoint you to the individual type of food, and as will be his treatment adjusted. In general, experts believe the correct diet with the following restrictions:

  • Dairy products - is that they dampen the so-called "digestive fire", that is, slow metabolism. Food is broken down more slowly and not as productive as it could, the digestive organs become more "lazy". Of course, one can not say that absolutely everything in the world is contraindicated milk, more - in some cases, it can play the role of medicine. However, according to traditional Chinese medicine, the adult healthy person can do without it.
  • Sugar and products containing it are considered conventional medicine as a drug. White sugar has a negative impact on the hormonal system as a whole and, as with any drug, causes a persistent addictive. If you have tried for some time to give up sugar, you probably know how hard it is tolerated: the body literally begins to demand the sweet, and no natural substitutes such as fruit or honey satisfaction do not bring.


Even raw foods, Chinese doctors recommend to eat in limited quantities so as not to overload the digestive tract

  • The chemical additive synthesized artificially and impart additional flavoring dishes characteristics (color, odor), and medicaments, without which modern industry is not able to grow the plants and animals. There's no escape, and we, the residents of cities, forced to eat what is presented in the supermarkets. Our body gradually adapts to it, but if it is possible at least for a vacation time to go to places where you can eat seasonal fruits and vegetables and more natural meat products, arrange themselves such unloading weekend. The body will be grateful for them.
  • The bright flavors: an abundance of salt, pepper, curry and other natural and non-natural seasonings. Any food with an unbalanced flavor change the balance within the body. For example, if we consistently eat salted food (and a ready food and meals at restaurants, usually contain more salt than we need), we disrupted liquid exchange: liquid departs worse. The first ten years of this deviation may not be noticed, but over time it will bear fruit.
  • fried, smoked, pickled, that is cooked so that the taste, too, was as bright and saturated. In small amounts, these products are allowed in the diet, but it is based must be boiled, baked or steamed dishes. Even raw foods, Chinese doctors recommend to eat in limited quantities so as not to overload the digestive system: the smaller the heat treatment, the more energy the body expends on digesting food. And if the power is in short supply, this has a negative effect on health.

bland and sad?

From all the above, you can make a sad conclusion: the need to eat something very bland and tasteless. I hasten to please: normally our body gets pleasure from it a meal.

Do not believe me? Then I offer to conduct an experiment. To do this, select the appropriate time, if you, for example, must pass examinations and to make strong-willed effort to study daily, it is better to delay - our resources will not inexhaustible. In addition, you must be a healthy person without chronic diseases which worsen risk.

If all conditions are met and there is a desire to adjust to the natural nutrition, then take it a rule for one meal to eat a single product. For example, for breakfast I have a boiled egg - two or three, without salt, pepper, mayonnaise and bread. The next meal there is only rice without salt and other seasonings. Then - vegetables: for example, tomatoes.

No other restrictions: you can eat meat and fish, vegetables and fruits, whole grains, but separately and with no additives - no sugar, no salt, no seasoning.

Those who used to eat natural foods without additives, chocolate seems terribly cloying

It is strange ...! Initially, the body will require at least some bright mouthfeel. We are so accustomed to the abundance of sugar, salt and other additives, that our taste buds are not willing to settle for less - they need constant improvement of the level of enjoyment. Rejecting the additives, we are "overloading" the taste buds, return them to the natural sensitivity.

Eat so a week. And then try to eat, say, chocolate. I bet: feelings are so unpleasant that eat up a slice will not be easy. Tom, who are accustomed to eating natural foods without additives, chocolate seems terribly cloying. salt level in the chips starts disgust. Even the bread is malosedobnym, as it begins to be felt cloying sweetness - Shops bread contains a lot of sugar.

For qualitative receptor restart desirable feed for the scheme described above at least a month. During this time, taste flat out food that previously seemed fresh, becomes a rich taste, and enough of the minimum amount of salt in the soup or honey in tea to enjoy.

Food without additives has a rich flavor, and we can learn to feel. No wonder that in stores sold more than twenty kinds of rice: it's all different tastes!