More women than men feel sorry about casual sex

Each of something so sorry and sex is no exception. What spare women, when it comes to casual sex? And the differences between men's experiences on the same occasion?


More women than men feel sorry about casual sex

When you ask the interlocutor what he most regrets in life, most likely the answer you will hear the story about the events associated with love, sex and romance.

Both sexes often lament the missed opportunities (for example, those who passed away from us Partners), deception and infidelity, and how was our first sexual experience. Both men and women are a lot of talk about regrets, one way or another related to sex. But there are similar in both sexes the specific cause of the sad "sexual" memories? Studies show that there is.

In one study of college students offered to read the two scenarios. The first tells the story, the hero is engaged in casual sex, but later regretted it. In the second scenario, the hero refused the same opportunities and subsequently lamented already on this occasion. Then, participants were asked to rate how much they could survive in such situations.

It turned out, men are more often regret that they could miss out on some sex-related opportunity, and women - that took advantage of it! In other words, men tend to regret what they did not have, whereas women are more experienced about what they did.

In another study, participants were given a list of examples regret related to sex. Respondents were asked to point out which of these situations they faced themselves. Again, women often talked about the cases in which they have chosen to "act", and men noted more options, describing the "inaction." Of the 39 points that describe the regret because of what happened stand, none was more popular among men than among women. Of the 30 examples related with regrets about "sexual inactivity", only one was more common among women than among men.

At the cost of "reproductive success" related to sexual acts or omissions, price different for men and women

The women often regret that:

  • chosen for the first sexual experience of the "wrong" person,
  • Edit partner
  • too quickly shifted from romance to intimate relations.

For men, the most sad memories - that they:

  • did not tell your partner about her attractiveness,
  • have not used all opportunities to have sex at a young age,
  • were no more sexually active before they were married.

The results suggest that sexual regret - not unusual for men and women, but the nature of these regrets varies depending on the sex. How to explain this gender difference?

We can not say for sure. But scientists conducted the study believe that the results are directly related to the theory of evolution. The basic idea is that the cost of "reproductive success" related to sexual acts or omissions, price different for men and women.

Public opinion still dictates that women should not engage in casual relationships and having fun

Women are more likely to regret the casual sex that does not lead to relationships, including because of the birth of a child of their parents' expenses for offspring will be much higher. Pregnancy and childbirth affect health. Investment in terms of time and money needed to live with the child, the woman takes longer, especially if it will have to raise it up without a father.

At the same time, men are more likely to regret taking the time to a relationship that did not lead to sex, or where it was not enough (because it is less likely to have children).

In both these scenarios, there are hypothetical reproductive costs. For example, the risk of becoming pregnant from a man who does not stay with you and the child, for women. And for men it is the risk of missing the opportunity to pass on their genes.

Of course, consider the results of the study can be from other points of view. For example, public opinion still dictates that women should not engage in casual relationships and generally get from sex pleasure. And these sentiments make ladies more than regret that they allowed themselves to unencumbered sex relationships.

It seems that women in general are much more likely to think about the social consequences of their sexual behavior than men. This idea is supported by other studies, which have shown that more women than men are worried about the consequences of casual sex for its reputation. It should also be noted that women are more likely than men to report "less than satisfactory" by feelings of casual sex. This means that the difference in the level of satisfaction may also play a role in this story.

Author - Justin Lemiller, doctor of social psychology, the Institute for the Study of Kinsey sex, gender and reproduction.

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