6 phrases to support in difficult times

How to help your loved ones in a state of depression, make him feel that he was not alone, that you understand it? Psychiatrist and blogger Kim Jin - about the words that are important to hear.

6 phrases to support in difficult times

Just know this: I am always

Making it clear that they are willing to be close in every situation, you have to support. Suffering people aware of how painful and sometimes burdensome to others his condition, and begins to close on people. Your words will allow him to feel less lonely and isolated.

You could even say nothing - just be there to listen or just be silent together. Your presence will help a person to overcome the internal blockade will feel: it is still love and accept.

What can I do to help you?

People experiencing psychological breakdown, often unable to answer this question. However, your words can help someone who is experiencing a difficult period, listen to yourself, your desires.

Even if you answer that does not need anything, believe me - hear this question was very important. And if a man will dare to tell you to listen to him, it will be a huge help for him.

I really like about you ...

In moments of depression, we lose our self-confidence, self-esteem and often. And if you make a compliment, pointing to the winning hand, and quality: delicate taste, attention and kindness, character appearance - this can help to treat yourself with great care and love.

Yes, I also think that it is difficult and unfair to

Deep feelings make think back to the triggering events over and over again, and the environment begins to feel that he exaggerates and it's time to pull myself together.

If a person feels that his bitter feelings take, but do not discount, most will find the strength to move on

In depressed people become hypersensitive, and to the source you trust, it is important to understand that you share his emotions. You acknowledge that you have been treated unfairly with him and the circumstances through which it passes, heavy. If he feels that his bitter feelings take, but do not discount, most will find the strength to move on.

I will help you find the way out

If you see that a person is immersed in a deep depression, the best thing you can do - to help him get professional support.

Many people who had never before colliding with the experience of therapy, the prospect of a hike to a specialist scares. You are free to contact the therapist and offer to hold it close to the first visit. In a state of depression is not often forces out, to refer to outside help, and your support will be invaluable.

I understand you: and to me this was

If you or someone close to go through similar vicissitudes of life, tell us about it. Your openness will help a person become more outspoken.

What he says more and more freely about what torments him, realizing that the words resonate, the less helpless and lonely feeling. And gradually the situation will begin to be perceived not so hopeless.

About the author: Kim Jin - a professor of psychiatry at George Washington University.