Cope with anxiety, looking at her face

Cope with anxiety, looking at her face

"Anxiety can not be avoided, but it can be reduced, to reduce to a normal level, and then used as an incentive to gain attention and zest for life", - he explains the existential psychologist Rollo May in "Sense of alarm" (Institute of humanities research, 2011) . The results of scientific research and therapeutic experience experts suggest several ways to improve their health.

The most common move

Those who spend behind a desk for more than six hours a day with little or no movement, strongly feel the anxiety and stress than those who are not more than three hours of sitting.

Psychologists from the University of Tasmania clarify that it is not a lack of physical activity, namely in the long period spent in immobility: those who have the whole day sitting at the table, and in the evening went to the gym, as likely to experience anxiety, as well as those who after a six-hour sitting goes home and lies down on the couch. So the emphasis is made on the frequency of movements, but not on their intensity.

Give voice their concerns

When anxious thoughts again seize you list them, advises Gestalt therapist Niphon Dolgopolov: "I always think that I have not time to do the job on time ..." "I'm starting to worry because ...". Then try to remember a situation when you have any thoughts and feelings that are no longer released ( "When I took on this project, I had feared that I did not meet the deadline ...").

What are the most powerful emotion ( "I'm mad at myself for that in general got involved in this story!"). Most clearly expressed it, strengthening the voice, gesture, movement of the body (it is better to do this exercise in a secluded place where no one will disturb you and where you will be able to shout or make a sudden movement). The idea of ​​this exercise is simple: our undeveloped feelings and unfulfilled actions become the cause of the infinite movement of thought. Once we are able to express them, the cycle stops.

Write what you think

Take the paper and start writing down everything that comes to mind. Not choosing the words, not paying attention to spelling, without editing yourself.

"This exercise gives vent feelings and doubts and makes it possible to look at them from the outside, - says psychotherapist Alexander Orlov. - On a similar principle is built method of free association in psychoanalysis, post-directed imagination in Jungian analysis. Any therapy requires trust and open communication, that is, speaking the whole of what excites and disturbs the real thing. "

Listen to music

Classical, rock, jazz - is not important, as long as the music you like. Only in this case, it causes a decrease in heart rate and respiration, blood pressure, muscular tension and the absorption of oxygen, resulting in a reduction of anxiety and stress. Of particular importance is the effect in patients with anxiety disorders.

See the alarm in the face of

"Instead of the usual" escape "from the symptoms of anxiety or panic, try not to try to escape from them, and the passive experience unpleasant sensations - says cognitive psychologist James Kochetkov. - You're pretty fast, make sure that even the most intense anxiety weakens and the unpleasant symptoms go away.

In the case of lung anxiety disorder principle "Do what fear" can be used on their own - but better to start with a specialist: to correctly interpret the results can be difficult. In the future, each time plunging into trouble, we are reinforcing the belief that anxiety can be overcome. "

Cope with anxiety, looking at her face

Cultivate positive emotions

One of the pioneers of positive psychology, Martin Seligman identifies the main tools, which should be resorted to, to enhance positive emotions. First of all, we must learn to savor the pleasure: to slow down the pace of work, not to give in to impulses aside vanity class, which always have a lot.

We need to take some time to fully taste the joy of achieving the desired, to feel the satisfaction of your choice. And be willing to stop all the time more, to make your life easier and to engage in a major. The best way to experience the joy and enthusiasm - to devote more time to the cause, which attracts and fills your life with meaning.

Strengthen your faith in their strength

Time after time, convinced of their own competence and ability to cope with difficulties, we thereby protect ourselves from anxiety - says cognitive psychologist Albert Bandura. Confidence can be drawn from his own experience, of the memories of their successes and related pleasures - for example, in examinations or sports.

Another way - to remind yourself about the people you admire and whose success motivates you. It is noteworthy that the more these people are like you by parameters such as age, gender, biography, career, the more likely that their successes are able to add confidence to you.

While meditating, we create an inner space that allows you to step back from the situation


The fact that the practice of yoga, meditation, breathing exercises calm the mind, relax the body and relieve anxiety, as many studies proved that remind of this would not make sense if ... all it really was not as effective. Meditating (at least 10-20 minutes a day), we create our own inner space, "inner fortress", which allows you to step back from the situation to calm down and be able to choose without interference, for the sake of the values ​​we act, what is the meaning we attach to its existence . By the way, such meditation classes, knitting, embroidery, sculpture, painting - also a great way to create an inner space and calm. To learn how to practice mindfulness, learn how to configure your attention at the moment, not letting himself be distracted by disturbing thoughts about the future, writes biologist Jon Kabat-Zinn, a neuroscientist Daniel Siegel, a clinical psychologist Susan Orsilo and Lizabeth Roemer. It is important to remember that we largely are responsible for ourselves and we have a lot more resources than we imagine.