I do not like animals

I do not like animals

"When I go to friends, then ask them to quickly lock your English bulldog in the other room," - says 27-year-old Catherine. Dogs she is not afraid, just "can not tolerate their presence." Like Catherine, people who do not like animals often experience irritation, disgust, or, on the contrary, are totally indifferent to the animal world. "Often for such rejection lies the failure to adopt an open manifestation of instinctive beginning inherent in all animals, their spontaneity and sincerity, - says psychotherapist Irina Zemtseva. - frightening and unconditional love that show pets. " Try to understand why.

A negative experience or lack of

Animals charge us with positive emotions, give his reckless love, and we often begin to perceive them as a true friends and equal members of the family. But it is hard to take for those who are not accustomed from childhood to communicate with them. Often remain indifferent to those who have in the house never had a dog or a cat, or hamster, and therefore had no experience of this kind of relationship. Sometimes, due to the indifference of the unconscious desire to protect themselves from possible trauma. "If, for example, a child child is seriously experienced the death or loss of a favorite dog, then as an adult, he did not realize it, he will see in this situation - a dog in the house - a threat to their peace of mind. And will do anything to avoid it, "- explains Elena zoopsychologists Fedorovich.


"Sometimes we can suddenly see in our animals themselves, - says Irina Zemtseva. - Because they are "creatures are very sensitive, they often adopt our characteristics. And turns into a kind of mirror, becoming unconscious projection of his master. " So if someone, for example, says it will not tolerate cats, this may mean that he is not at odds not with animals of this species, but with the characteristic that they embody for him. Cats especially are associated with independence. Therefore, a person either does not possess this trait (and would, as suffers from its dependence on another person or circumstances), or, on the contrary, its independence gives him suffering (as doomed to a difficult loneliness).

George, 26 years old, an engineer, "I was able to communicate with them, because I like their owners"

"My parents always told that animals are dirty and they smell bad. Maybe that's why I've never experienced them tender feelings? No emotion at the sight of a puppy in the street, he irritates me more. In addition, it seems to me that the animals do not have any sense, except that in the guard or hunting dogs. Yet two dogs I probably like. Largely because they belong to my best friends. I think I was able to fall in love with them, because I like their owners. These dogs so violently excited when I come, that make me a reciprocal feeling. However, this does not mean that I'm ready to fall in love, and other animals. But these dogs I touch, I got used to them and really glad to see them. "

Complex feelings

Pets instinctively seek physical contact with a person and expect us to a counter-movement. Communicate with them always involves bodily contact. When a man says he does not like animals, this could mean that he was uncomfortable ... in his body, as if it is cut off from their bodily sensations. Therefore, it would seem so simple and natural physical interaction with a cat, dog or guinea pig makes him fear and anxiety.

With aversion to domestic pets are often those who are in early childhood parents are forbidden to behave as you would normally behave little children, that is guided by instincts and their own desires. "It's amazing, but later, in a cat of his friends, who suddenly jumped into his lap, such a person will see the unmanaged clingy child - continues Irina Zemtseva. - And, like their parents, do not accept the spontaneous behavior, become angry, dislike "to her.

What to do?

Be sensitive

Try to imagine yourself in the place of your friend, who has a four-legged friend. What kind of feelings he brings his favorite? Why is your friend so attached to it? Trying to find answers to these questions, you may be able to see in a new situation: will discover that pets deserve the interest and even love. A warm towards them you can really learn.

: Explore with your body

Communication with animals involves bodily contact. Perhaps it unpleasant to you because you do feel uncomfortable from any touch, both humans and animals, just past more directly in your affection desire. Learn to enjoy the tactile sensations. Professional massage, gentle touch of your partner or an evening ritual of applying the cream or fragrant oils on your skin will help you to discover the sensual joy.

Those who close

Do not blame the person who does not like animals, he has his reasons. But you can try to establish contact between him and your pet. Talk about the fact that it gives you a contact with him. Seeing the role played by four-legged friend in your life, what attention, affection and love he gives, the caller will be able to better understand the nature of the relationship that is established between man and pet. You can slowly bring together their showing which games and petting your pet is particularly preferred. But do not rush, and in any case do not impose this communication.