"Yes force be with you": how to maintain balance in the crisis

At one time or another life we ​​all have to experience a crisis. Terminally ill loved one, divorce, financial problems ... the list is endless. It does not matter who we are, how much we earn and how steadfast seems our prosperity - crises are inevitable.

But to react to them and behave in a difficult situation can be different. The ability to be a great help through difficult times, recalls the therapist Amy Morin. It proposes a strategy on how to stay mentally stable during the crisis.

1. Accept the reality

When there is something wrong, the temptation to dive into thinking that this should not have happened, or what happened is unfair. But this is just a waste of resources.

Take the situation. This does not mean that you agree with the developments. But it must be purposeful awareness of what is happening. Only then will you be able to design solutions.

2. Do not try now to become stronger

Trying to get stronger just in times of crisis - is like lifting weights right before dragging a large box. No time to worry about how to "pump" effect - it is necessary to accumulate the opportunities that you already have.

3. Enlist

Talk to friends or relatives. Refer to a professional. Do something in this direction - formulate a request to explain to people what you need and get the emotional support that is now so necessary.

4. Take care of yourself

Surviving the crisis, we sometimes can not even bring myself to eat and sleep properly. But taking care of your body at this time is especially needed. Force yourself to get out on the street at least briefly. Take care of healthy eating. Even if time is sorely lacking, highlight a pause for relaxation of body and mind.

5. Imagine that advise other in such circumstances,

A difficult situation may require difficult decisions. However, their is almost impossible to accept, especially in a short time, when we are stunned and overwhelmed with emotion. There is a feeling that we are between a rock and a hard place.

The choice of a medical procedure, the search for new housing - in Whatever the solution, try to look at the situation from the outside. Imagine that gives advice to a close friend who is in the same position. This will help to at least partially move away from emotion and make it possible to see which option seems the most reasonable.

6. Think mantra

Writing for yourself the phrase, for example: "Everything that does not kill us makes us stronger" or "cope before - on the right and now!" - and repeat it as many times as you need. Let it replace negative thoughts are constantly swirling in his head, and will be a reminder of your way to overcome the crisis.

7. Prioritize

In times of crisis is inevitable situation where you have to sacrifice some interests, business or needs to focus on the essentials. Make a list and determine which ones are priorities. More record and create reminders, because strong stress memory can fail.

8. Take time for emotions

Constantly suppress your emotions is harmful to the mind and health, so you need to find the time and situation when you live them. It also contributes to the preservation of productivity during the crisis.

Of course, if the tears in the doctor's office, it can prevent you ask the right questions. And if you let fear cover themselves completely, it hurt to take decisive action. There are situations and times when you need to move forward quickly, almost without leaving yourself time for reflection and experience. it is normal for the peak of the crisis.

But do not forget then to give yourself time to let go of emotions and live unpleasant feelings. It is a painful, but necessary part of the healing of emotional wounds.

9. Divide large tasks into small steps

In a crisis, we are overwhelmed by the huge number of cases that need to be performed. Break large tasks into small steps. You may have to disassemble things departed from you or a loved one thoroughly to lose weight due to health problems. In any case, please understand that you can start doing today.

10. Do what return a sense of normalcy

In a crisis, we often think that the world has turned upside down. Maybe you sit all day at the hospital at the bedside of a loved or from dawn to dusk sending out resumes and run for interviews. It's unsettling. In order to remain strong and stable, do anything out of the usual, the pre-crisis regulations. Something that returns a sense of normalcy. This may be a morning walk or watching a favorite TV show before bedtime. Even a drop of "normality" can help you survive when life became very abnormal.

Strengthen force after the crisis

When the worst will be behind us, take time out to recover after experiencing stress, says Amy Morin. Some people need to do to spend the weekend in a campaign, someone - to resort to using a psychotherapist. But in order to move on, we all just need to replenish lost energy and to assimilate the experience.

About the author: Amy Morin - a psychotherapist, author of the bestseller "13 things that make people strong in spirit."