Why happiness gene works only for women?

One to be happy enough financial well-being, while another may have a lifetime wealth around, but feel deeply unhappy man. All very, very relative here.

Of course, scientists are trying different ways to understand how it is a feeling of happiness? In some countries (USA, Canada, Japan, Germany and others) were written and protected by dozens of dissertations on the subject. But while the situation is still very confusing and vague.

Not so long ago there was an article that found in the human genome gene 5-HTT, called the happiness gene in highly specialized scientific journal "Human Genetics" (England), transferred to the child from the parents, but in the future behaves very strange.

For boys it is completely turned off, and the girls begin to work on their mental maturation.

In the future scientists geneticists convinced that all females of this gene is becoming one of the main factors create a sense of satisfaction with life even when life is really very far from comfort.

Why happiness gene works only for women?

What's the matter? Why this gene does not manifest itself in men?

While there are only assumptions. In particular, a number of scientists believe that the nature of happiness gene compensates women gender inequality. But it actually means that the nature of deliberately creating for most women the illusion of life satisfaction with a view to the weaker sex less mentally suffering from the problems that traditionally lie on the shoulders of the woman (Gen. children, constant stress due to nervous breakdowns).

Women, scientists believe, it is easier to consider the situation normal, than fight for equality. Therefore, what a man thinks of a mockery of a (mopping, dishes, laundry, and so on), the woman perceives as a tribute to and a necessary condition in order to then feel happy when the fall time to rest.

Of course, it is only self-hypnosis. And happiness gene forms at any stage of its life. At its core, the gene acts as a sort of drug. However, scientists fear such a comparison, but it seems to present itself in their studies. As with the question of why this gene are available in both men has no effect on the stronger sex?

Why happiness gene works only for women?

Apparently, the whole thing again in the conditions of life. A man is in a better social status than women. For the same work he receives a greater reward. His little interest in domestic issues (the other men they are not interested in). In addition, many men tend to create a feeling of happiness drink. And alcohol is known to block the reality and sends the person in the illusory world of good mood. there is a sense of comfort and smoked cigarette after. Not to mention the fact that alcohol and nicotine are now decent money and strongly hit the family budget.

But who has more then a headache? Alas, the woman, whose nature has prepared fate homemaker. Well, as a consolation prize it - happiness gene, which for some time gives a woman a feeling of being in life, they say, everything is normal and will not be better.