How to correct before designated sex?

Nowadays all this emotionally charged verbal array replaces a single word - fuck. It does not apply to the obscene, and therefore very widely used, although it sounds rough. It is not clear how and under what circumstances, the word came into circulation. Nevertheless, it did not cross out the program automatically on the websites of error correction, it is free to appear in the media and in literature. Even in feature films on the theme of love, it sometimes sounds.

Interestingly, and as soon as we correctly designated the physical union of man and woman? To answer this question, we had to spend the whole philological study thoroughly "digging" in the history and in the dusty archives!

It turned out that the word "sex" is not in any dictionary, published before the middle of the last century. The paradox, but, as they say, is a fact. Basically, the reason is clear: in the USSR, it was said once, sex in general was allegedly not. And because it was not, then why should the people to spell words the value of the capitalist, where sex was?

How to correct before designated sex?

But let irony. The Soviet people have figured out how to properly designate the process of creating the situation of children and when they were not planned, but M and M just wanted to enjoy the orgasm.

Perhaps the most correct designation of intimacy was in the words "make love." And this, of course, not only tselovashki and hugs. Applied the word "friends". In this case the letter "and" emphasized intonation so that it became clear what kind of friendship between the M and W in question. The word voice stood out "live", and under that is clearly understood in bed for sex. Of course, in different regions is different use the Russian language to describe sex. Locals say it is allowed to do very well. For example, if a man and a woman is not legally married, but lived together, it is usually said to refer to sex: "He goes to her." And everyone knew what purpose a man walks. About a woman who had hosted the coming man, I had sex with him, said: "She is confused with it."

How to correct before designated sex?

It is widely (even now) use the word "sleep" ( "She sleeps with him," "He sleeps with it"). But then, of course, it was not so much about the dream, but about sex. If it was accidental, it was designated by the word "fuck" ( "I slept with her"). In some cases, a "coded" in the designation of sex sounds "in a relationship" ( "We have a relationship with him").

But back to the beginning of the article. Where and how to replace swear words denoting sex, it is the word "fuck" - I do not know. Anyway, I could not figure it out. But I do not like. After all, the closeness between man and woman involves, first of all, the soul of their proximity, which makes the subsequent sex bright positive emotions. And you can fuck with the prostitute on a purely mechanical level. What kind of mind even then the moment to talk about?