How to understand the feelings of a man?

XXI century in the yard, and teenagers typing "Old Russian melancholy" at literature lessons, mix it with the network of manure produced in the head poisonous muck "knowledge" about life, as if there is nobody to talk to them in person in the whole world. About how they live here and now.

And if I, not the least bit a psychologist, but an adult woman, will not be difficult to separate the work of psychologist quality of Internet garbage, the girls can only sympathize. It would be better not to read anything.

One of the most important and very disturbing questions: how can understand the feelings of the guy?

To begin with, I fucking lucky - gender differences I see every day, and I can therefore say with a light heart: forget about how to understand the feelings of men! For you have in any case you can not guess. Perhaps 40-45 years to learn. Perhaps, but not a fact.

Ask any good psychologist, and he will answer: a woman in 95% of cases in men are mistaken feelings. Why?

Because the woman - a great dreamer, and if it something severely lacking, but really want, then it must come up with, imagine, adjust the facts under their "love story", born in his own head, will find all the symptoms of love and its secret signs . And she tells her friend, and she is required to confirm that, yes, to all that is love.

How to understand the feelings of a man?

It is neither good nor bad, so we are organized, we are focused on the relationship by which sell the survival of their species. But sometimes it rolls over. I knew one adult woman who seriously believes that her ex, every morning, driving in a car near her home, so looking for a meeting with her! Despite the fact that, as you know, the guy just drove the shortest route to work. Perhaps on the navigator. But she saw this as a secret sign and managed to catch it every day, feeling at the same time on the ball.

Our brain is so constituted that he does not care where to draw pleasure: real love or fancy. The only difference is that after the second comes a sobering and melancholy: in real life, then - emptiness.

And the basic misunderstanding between M and M appears as a time when fantasy brain F starts cold composted brain M for the senses.

How to understand the feelings of a man?

Well, imagine you told my grandmother that evening going to the theater to "Eugene Onegin". More you do not give information. Grandma knows that the play is today in two theaters, one of which is too far, the other - too expensive. First grandmother torment doubts, then decide for you, it is better to go further, but cheaper, look poster, read the cast and in the evening to ask you, how do you play Ivanov? And you, in fact, said that "going to the theater in the evening", bearing in mind that the home you choose a dress for a future campaign. Ie. You are still in a state of "going" and grandmother had watched the show.

It would be good if a woman from a young age knew that she was not a man. But seriously, this is the understanding that a man is not measured by the yardstick of women. "If I were in his place," here does not work ever. I understand all of the paths to your heart will choose the shortest man: he calls. Perhaps for delusional about it, but he will not be sweating. He would not buy a dog to walk into a pet store located in your house and watch you. This comes to mind only a woman (me Well it is now). Whatever modesty he was, the way is the easiest: a call, at worst - a letter. To watch is only when you deliberately eluded him. And if not intentionally, then just wait in the most likely areas of your dwelling.

How to understand the feelings of a man?

And whatever he will do next (just do it), you should talk about his feelings. Well, or their absence. Men do not speak the words, and actions. And the independent actions, without a hint of you, the more likely the senses - with him. Met, given, helped, fed, drove, brought, found, bought, repaired, phoned, asked for leave, spent, divorced - that anything but "told". And not layknul.

And now it's cool: Even if you're together, even if you have gone a long way, it still does not mean that he loves you. Perhaps, but the machine does not. He is well with you, he likes to look after you. But! He is likely to stall. And do not panic - all goes as it should. The fact that men are "long harness" their emotions.

Like in the song:

Do I love you, I do not know, but it seems to me, that I love.

What not to do? to climb with most declarations, because you put it in an awkward position: You like to issue him an advance and wait for a response, but not anyhow any, and very definite. But he'll still not ready to answer. When I was younger, foolishly I asked the guy if he loves me? You know what he said to me? "Maybe, yes." And what to do? to live, enjoy life, relationship, engage in career, education, self-realization, in any form and other things.

How to understand the feelings of a man?

If you torment (that torment!) Apprehension, t. To. Everything seems to be good, but he is silent and is silent, and love is not recognized ... and yet something goes wrong, there is no development, and you though the ears of his pull in the relationship, then brake and hand over the back. That is, think, and Is this the man? Who told you this man, who for the third year can not decide, do you want him or not?

Doubt never tortured a woman from scratch. Women intuitively feel strained in couple relationships, the main and the most significant of which - the lack of initiative by men.

Women doubts instantly change the behavior of the woman so that man suddenly realizes that can really lose it. This will help him to mature faster. He either rush to "beat" you or exhale in relief. In any case, the answer to your question you get.