The surprise favorite?

Yes, and the stronger sex problem as regards taste. After all, cosmetics and perfumes - products for women, and the price for them is in isolation from the real demand. In principle, we can indirectly know the opinion of the favorite, if you carefully examine the range of goods on the dressing table in its main mirror. But the question is, why should she second box of the same perfume?

You can give something to wear. But without trying bought not always be the right size. And if with the fitting, then lost gift item with a view of surprise. Of course, you can see the desire to most ladies to the effect that she wants to get on your birthday. By the way, so many men do, and then puzzled scratching his head, because do not want to find in the sale or it is very expensive.

The surprise favorite?

In short, I lead the list of options to the fact that most often give fresh flowers. With them, everything is quite simple and cute. Even when still in their power to winter, buy roses or tulips is quite possible. Well, the truth is, if you live where fresh flowers are sold year round in a specialty store. Now this store has any more or less decent city. The only inconvenience - how to present the lady of his heart flowers?

Unfortunately, the flowers on my birthday - a gift is not so original. But with flowers can be found "flavor", if to be smart.

Unusual and interesting looks the situation when a woman presents flowers stylized metal robot "man." Make it very easy. It will take quite a bit of time. We need only three spoons and a pair of plugs. Best suited aluminum - they can be easily bent in any direction. Under the bolt in the drill hole cutlery. Drilling will fit the usual thin screwdriver. If it is a pity to spoil the spoons and forks from the kitchen table, go to the store and buy it the cheapest. Exactly how to bend and fix the spoon and fork - guess very easily. Sam bolt with nut hide ribbon, which will play the role of scarf. On the main spoon (it will be the face of the robot) draw marker smile. If not immediately turned to paint her, try again - the paint on the pen easily erased.

Well, in the last place in the hands of "the little man" flowers. You can with a sweet note. It is important to balance the weight of the flowers and then so that the robot was on the table on his feet. If balancing does not work, lean robot to something. For example, to the wall.

The surprise favorite?

Surprise gift in this form is achieved by the fact that your favorite woman sees it as a surprise. You can leave a gift on the table for a short while to go somewhere. It is possible to do otherwise. Just drive the lady in the other room, where the pre-set robot with flowers, and turn on the electric light.

Gift to a woman of the robot hand, as you can see, is quite simple. But he will be remembered for your lady for a long time by the fact that it made you do, be creative. For a woman it is important not the gift, but it is important to note.