What fathers with many children were in the story?

However, the situation here is complicated by the fact that it is not so easy to "officially" to prove paternity - in ancient times DNA test did not exist. But in various chronicles and documents made records of births of new heirs rulers. Although, of course, not all at the same time differ significantly. Nevertheless, historians tend to believe that many of the data can be trusted.

Let's start with our top of Genghis Khan. In fact, in the chronicles of this historical figure often called differently - Bordzhigin Temujin. He caused a stir not only in military affairs, won the vast territory in Asia and parts of Europe, but also in the pleasures of love. The genetics of the great Mongol ruler can be seen in the DNA of a number of nations. Although officially considered to be the heirs of the Khan only four of his sons, to some extent, could claim authority for about 700 of his illegitimate sons. females, for obvious reasons, to power did not allow, records on the number of births in Genghis Khan's daughters do not.

to the distant descendants of the mighty ruler of genetics include now about 16 million of the current population in Asia and Europe.

It is clear that the government gave the other men a great opportunity to attract to his bed a considerable number of women. Alone empowered rulers to intercourse in bed lured wealth, others were taken by force. Well, harems existed in a number of eastern rulers always.

What fathers with many children were in the story?

On Sultan Ismail Ibn Sharif now know only historians and individual well-educated players in the card. Joke is that the Sultan was painted by the king of diamonds Card suits in the deck. The rules of the Sultan in the XVII century, leading a devastating war.

In his harem there were more than 500 women. They bore him 889 children.

What fathers with many children were in the story?

August II - ruler of Saxony and King of Poland, and then, was well educated, he was an expert in the arts, making Dresden into a European center for those who are engaged in creative work. So ladies (and often married) eagerly sought protection from Augustus. This seemed to him a little. He persuaded them to intimate relations. Historical records give reason to believe that this man was engaged in incest.

Augustus II had 382 illegitimate child.

What fathers with many children were in the story?

Less reliable information scientists have about the Pharaoh Ramses II, who lived and who ruled in the XII century BC. He is known by the fact that for many years waged war with other countries, and one was forced to approve the first in the history of the peace treaty. By order of Ramses many magnificent buildings were built in Egypt. One of them - a palace for numerous harem. For love sweets pharaoh generously bestowed some of his concubines wealth.

By surviving papyrus shows that the only officially became the father of Ramses II for 111 persons and 63 male - female. In total, he is credited with 178 descendants.

What fathers with many children were in the story?

Ruler Mongkut of Siam (now - Thailand) lived in the XIX century, and before becoming king, monashestvoval. He distinguished himself in the history of being the first in the country recognized the fact that the Earth - round. Also he gave women civil rights. After receiving the crown, Mongkut, Rama took the title of the Fourth married. In total he had 32 wives! Not concubines, namely the spouse!

They bore him 81 children.