For that to love guys? 34 positive qualities of men

So ...

1. The guy can carry your bag or an umbrella if you suddenly get tired.

2 A guy can hear your story of the unsuccessful day at school / college / work, and then smile and gently kiss you on the cheek.

3 In a good mood and scenario, the guy can draw you to dedicate a poem, a song or even to write a letter with a declaration of love (yes, there are still romance in this world!).

4 Guys often have long lashes, longer than that of girls, which can not fail to surprise.

5 Guys beautiful eyes.

6. And if combined with beautiful eyes and a beautiful smile muscles - even better.

7. and a beautiful booty. Here.

For that to love guys? 34 positive qualities of men

8 Guys funny bristles when they do not shave.

9 In men, long shirts, sometimes I feel like try.

10 In men, there is no menstruation, but they are well aware that if you have mood swings, then you better not touch.

11 The boy will not be collected for 2 hours to just go for a walk with the dog. 12 Guys everything you need fits in their pockets (not that we have).

13 It's nice when a guy is jealous (but not too).

14 When ready for you to break anyone's face.

15 The majority bad guys prepared.

16 Guys almost always find strength to open the door or to submit your hand.

17 Men usually pay in the cafe for both.

18 and give flowers.

For that to love guys? 34 positive qualities of men

19 and allows you to be late.

20 When the weather suddenly becomes cold, they can wrap you in their too great, but warm jackets.

21 Guys are large, warm and pleasant hand.

22 The guys have a sense of humor (sometimes stupid but so funny).

23 Men care about you and always worried.

24 becomes awfully nice when you get in the middle of the night from a guy SMS with one word: "Missing."

25 The guy can also be a best friend who will support and calm in any situation.

26 Men are capable of hasty but very funny things.

For that to love guys? 34 positive qualities of men

27 It looks very touching when guys eat all of your cooking with champ and in the end even lick the plate.

28 Do guys really have something to learn, for example, self-defense, or at least to reinstall Windows.

29 Men often wear on your hands, literally and figuratively. (And do not say that you do not like it.)

30 With the guys always unpleasant to quarrel, but it is always a pleasure to live with.

31 If they ask, "How do I look?" They almost always so cute smile and say, "OK", even if you are now on your head held cockfights.

32 And they say that because they like you in any way, and do not care that you are now on the forehead a huge pimple.

For that to love guys? 34 positive qualities of men

33 And they want you to, even in spite of the huge pimple.

34 And I still love you in spite of all our troubles and female cockroaches in my head. And you have them.