How not to be hooked on the gigolo?

Then, after graduation, I had to take care of his career. And in this period quite satisfied "comes" a man for sex. Even if married. And after 30, it became clear that living a boring and uncomfortable without his family. In short, start the search for the men on the job "husband."

But where to find a husband? Age does not allow longer visiting discos. In men, there is a lady of 30 generally is not quoted. Well, except for sex without commitment. Maybe search dating sites? What an idea! And the first visit of such resources leaves a very good impression - there is plenty of free men, and at any age. Just something and you need to: complete the form, put your picture and wait for the prince on a white horse will knock virtual roses. Itself somehow indecent to offer themselves. But the "postscript" in the questionnaire "for a serious relationship" does the job.

Time goes by, and the princes of something do not wish to knock. Hey, where are you? However, a certain number of time start to come marriage proposal. Rejoice? Rather, cry.

How not to be hooked on the gigolo?

, these proposals from men who have long been knocked over 50. They either have never been married or widowed. Sometimes - divorced. All that is required of them young women - diligent housekeeper and cook at the same time. They do not hide.

It takes quite some time, and she understands that the note "for a serious relationship" is working against it, and deletes it. Oh, miracle! Begin to receive offers to meet from men her age or slightly older.

Rejoice? But first it is necessary to pay special attention to these questionnaire Cavaliers. More precisely, the date of their registration on a dating site. If a man, while, unable to share in a few years a large number of ladies find desirable - it is clearly said that he did not need a woman for marriage.

The second point that should make you wary - a complete unwillingness men tell you about my past. He does not need you to have put on extra help him. So, there, in the past, it is not entirely clear.

Third alarming point - a man refuses to give the number of your mobile phone, but it seems to you a very wealthy person. At the same time from him there is no word on their activities.

How not to be hooked on the gigolo?

It is already possible with great certainty say that you are communicating online with a gigolo. He just lives at the expense of women, which is part of the trust, then vymanivaya money. See this very easily. Ask him a certain amount of debt, arguing that, they say, unexpectedly fell into difficult financial problems to solve that quickly fail. In response, you will hear something vague, and then "prYnts" abruptly tear off chat. Why would he want a woman with financial problems?

Do not argue, sometimes people are well acquainted to such resources, they have added a great relationship, and all completed a happy marriage. But such cases are extremely rare. On dating sites sit mostly Alfonso and women are very easy virtue. Candidate for the post husband have to look different. How? Alas, I do not know.