What complexes have both men and women?

Men complexes

One of the most common male complexes - distrust of the beautiful women. Many men believe that these representatives of the weaker sex in marriage will change as around them constantly will be enthusiastic with their beauty gigolos. And if so, why to register marriage with a lady who is known cuckold?

As a result, a man can have a relationship with a beautiful woman. Sometimes they last for years. But to issue a marriage he did not wish to. On the contrary, he will choose a woman for marriage invisible to its background stand out most effectively. Of course, there are exceptions, but rarely. However, to convince other men that a beautiful woman can be true - the problem is very complicated, and in some cases impossible.

What complexes have both men and women?

The second common set of men - fear of being under the thumb of. For this reason a man tries still in a relationship before marriage clearly show your "I" and not tolerate any attempts (even mythical) to limit its independence.

The family relationship is a situation develops into constant quarrels on domestic issues. Over time, such an argument ruin a marriage. Especially in cases where the wife really wants to make a henpecked husband, openly demonstrates its intention. Alas, these women meet. So that the male complex has a right to exist, though (in my opinion) he was very swollen. If the spouses have nothing wrong with the mind, then find a compromise they can always. It seems so to me. The third most common male complex - fear not achieve in life that makes a man in the eyes of a real man. Frames here are very wide. One is enough to assert themselves have a well-paid job, arranged life, bank account and future growth in the future, and other Bring three-storey cottage with a goldfish in a pool, a cool car, several lovers with trips to the Canary Islands and a bunch of other treats.

What complexes have both men and women?

But psychologically on both presses are equally complex, which leads to frequent nervous breakdowns and chronic stress. Well-being here is only relative, gradually forcing the man to a standstill.

Women complexes

Of course, the most common women's facilities are a reflection of precisely this way of life and something controversial.

In the first place there is a set of "I'm no use to anybody". Woman in nature more sociable than men. Its oppressing loneliness stronger than the stronger sex. So that the complex grows in the fertile social soil.

What complexes have both men and women?

The complex begins to form in the early years and much poison a woman's life in the future. Especially if you can not create a family, no friends, had an awkward relationship with the environment. Such women years "sit" on dating sites, killing loneliness in correspondence with no prospects of marriage. Cool, they can not change their way of life, because they are accustomed to the existing image. Contradiction? No. The thing is that for the complex "I'm no use to anybody," characterized by the presence of fear of abrupt changes. A woman may desire these changes, but it is not able to decide on them.

Logically, in the first place should be a complex appearance. Then why leadership in the complex, "I'm no use to anybody?" On social surveys conducted anonymously from 2010 to 2017, it turned out that now in Russia (and in many other countries), the ball is ruled by free love. And for a woman loneliness involves creating a family.

To persuade a man to marry a sex - it is unlikely now. He wants to have sex, not only permanent, but also a well-groomed woman. That is in the foreground with him, of course, the bed. But for marriage is no less important, and appearance of women. And marriage is possible, if there is one and the other. Although he can not be guaranteed.

Too beautiful woman does not need a man (of the reason mentioned above - in the list of male complexes), but among well-manicured rich selection available now. And to outshine other women to persuade a man to marriage, we must try to work on their appearance. Hence the complex, forcing women to spend money on visits to beauty salons, shops and boutiques with fashionable clothes. In this case, without the prospect of marriage, if he does not need a man.

What complexes have both men and women?

Strong poisons the lives of women set of excess weight. A century ago, such a complex did not exist. Then what is the matter? Strange as it may sound, but the complex formed men their demands for women. I do not deny the girl with a wasp waist looks better than the one which does not fit the hoop. But this does not mean that you should starve yourself diets. Somehow, among the fauna are couples without looking at the figure, and only we face the fairer sex makes catastrophe of that scored two to three kilograms of excess weight. Remember, it is not superfluous. Just the very nature of such a reserve is provided for the case, if a woman becomes a mother, and she will need to spend more energy. Your body itself knows what it needs. And forcing him to not only pointless, but also cruel.

Tell yourself that the complex of excess weight - it's not for you. Self-hypnosis? Yes of course. But he does it because our whole life is based on psychology.