Wedding: what time of year you choose?

Let the future spouses will think: how do they see their first and main joint holiday? At the same time and find out: Are able to get along well with each other bride and groom? Are you ready to yield to each other? Do not be amiss to check again: Is there harmony between temperaments, tastes, characters and habits?

Many questions have to discuss potential newlyweds: make a list of guests, pick up style of dress for the bride and groom - a suit, plan their honeymoon.

Where do I start?

Some things remain the same. First things first appointed date of the wedding. The exact or even approximate: fall, spring, winter, and maybe - the summer?

Can you talk about "popular" time of year for a wedding?

Wedding: what time of year you choose?

In the past focused on the harvest, the weather on vacation relatives. Now available to young spacious rooms, restaurants, fresh flowers, and fruits and vegetables year-round, rapid transport, skillful Entertainer.

Therefore, the main principle, which should be guided by the bride and groom when they sit and decide what time of the year to choose a wedding company, is how they see the triumph of the future newlyweds themselves.

Plus there in the celebration and hot summers and snowy winters, and "green" in the spring, and "gold" in the fall.

Wedding: what time of year you choose?

By heart love blooming apple trees, ringing dripping from melting icicles, nature wakes up, the singing of larks flew from the south in the field where are planting? So, the fate of their campaign to appoint the registrar "on Spring break." Warms the soul bride fantasy: her betrothed suffers girl in a wreath of ripe rye ears across the threshold of their common home, surrounded by friends with bouquets of colorful leaves in their hands? Then maybe assign a celebration in the fall?

Wedding: what time of year you choose?

I want the young to gather for lavish wedding so many relatives in the open air, to see all the cousins ​​and great-nephews, dance under the stars, enjoy the warm weather, sea of ​​flowers? We are talking about a wedding in the summer.

"Winter Wedding" is not as bright as the autumn, is not as warm as summer, the sun is less than in the spring. The bride has to throw at the magnificent openwork dress warm coat, shoes and boots to change. But the photos in a snowy forest will decorate the family album, riding on threes on the stood river will be remembered forever. And to go from a winter fairy tale right in the sultry tropics in the honeymoon - the dream of any couple in love.

Wedding: what time of year you choose?

We can only wish good holiday - I wish the wedding - at any time of the year!