Are there any rules in the office romance?

The first, a single-head woman would not fall in love with a slave. As the saying goes, not the scale, since it enough attention on the part of male bosses.

Second, a single man with children is well aware that his chances are zero, because the head headmistress packed quite different things, and the first place she will always be the production, from which depends the welfare of her.

Third, office romance is almost always the cause of the oblique and mocking looks from colleagues and, as a rule, turns into a forced departure from the team.

In the film a happy ending, but it is unlikely in real life. In short, almost a Hollywood dream, but the domestic manners, with the illusion of almost fabulous.

Office romance is only in rare cases may end in marriage. Provided that the relationship will hold at a good level is not a month or two, and a few years. At the service of the novel also has its own rules, which can not violate. What are these rules?

Are there any rules in the office romance?

Imagine a situation in which a woman fell in love with his boss and he is ready to return the feeling. A smart man would not to the team to show their feelings.

A common error: Head starting material benefits and other benefits zoom to a woman.

It is impossible to do in any case. Why? Because inequality in pay or undeserved prize would cause gossip in the team. Furthermore, colleagues, having seen what was going to become of envy behind the chief to create women's issues from scratch. For example, an anonymous lay out some moments in social networks. And to do so under the guise of champions of high morality in society. So your relationships at work must remain strictly business. About them no one has to guess.

The second common error, often committed in office romances: joint mission chief to the woman, to which it is located.

Usually this is done, if the head is married, he must somehow convince his wife that he had no relations left, and he's just too busy working. But in any situation, to address issues that require departure, you can send someone else.

Are there any rules in the office romance?

And now the most important rule of office romances.

If you notice that something is planned beyond the scope of the service relationship, then ten times think about the question: "But I need it?"

And if you decide to take the risk, do not forget about the rules that are indicated above - to observe a survival technique for optical sights colleagues and be prepared for any eventuality.