Secrets of Seduction. How to seduce a man, his clothes?

Let me tell you the secret of seduction, which is independent of the appearance. Many people underestimate this resource and are committed to the ideal parameters, while the average woman looks use short trails.

So, from what man's heart may start beating 140 beats per minute, and the senses are excited to the limit?

Vote! It is not only the ability to make sounds, it is the strongest communication tool and the key to millions of possibilities. The main thing is that 90% of success depend not on - that you say, and to. This option is at each and use it masterly unit. Not all who have two hands to easily perform the Flight of the Bumblebee. And with a voice! He - like the rearview mirror in the car: the majority of women do not use them; there is a part that enjoys not the case (screams and tantrums); and another group - good, but not at full capacity!

Secrets of Seduction. How to seduce a man, his clothes?

As a general rule, if you ask the person to assess his voice out of 5 points, he boldly put himself 5! One after another of such a response, I offered to write the voice of my interlocutor on tape and re-set the score. After listening to my voice, my friend embarrassed and said that the recorder knocks. After all, what he heard was awkward, squeaky and insecure - just 2 points.

It is difficult to admit it, but our voice inside sounds completely different than the sound that is heard around people. Are you satisfied with your voice recording? Statistics say that 90% of people leads confident "no." This means that on this goldmine almost nobody works. Who runs, gets huge dividends - singers, actors, TV presenters. Do not we all want them to be like, not even knowing how much it fascinates us their vote.

Secrets of Seduction. How to seduce a man, his clothes?

The main thing that can change the voice of every girl. Even if yesterday your voice only irritated others, it sounded too softly or too rapidly, it can be corrected. The first results you'll receive a few lessons. You will begin to purr softly velvety voice, and it can change your life.

Let us examine in more detail what bonuses we get the ability to gently whisper or moan with pleasure.

How sexy voice effect on men:

  1. Relax. Low velvet voice acting as hypnosis, since even the muscles of the neck and fingers relaxed under the influence of gentle sounds!
  2. concentrated. Opinion focuses on you, and the rest of the world merges into some blurred background. Man is difficult to focus on a few things at the same time so gentle whisper can get his attention at 100%.
  3. to obey. Low voice sounds confident and imperious, and a well-known fact that many men love in intimate relationships obey. This allows them to relieve the burden of responsibility. Such a partner will fulfill all wishes, said an imperious tone velvet, and benefit from this great pleasure.
  4. turn. Here, the words seemed to materialize the speed of light. Once you whisper in the ear of the imagination, a man has will rush to implement it. The words spoken at the right pace, immediately induce muscle action. Men - this action.
  5. falls in love. Scientists have proven that the strongest feelings we are not looking for a partner, and feeling the emotions that he calls us. Simply put, we do not like someone, and the feelings that this person is able to induce in us. Thus, even if you will have a new wrinkle, is not a bit hurt you again and again to reduce your lover crazy, because you have placed it on a more unique and vozrastoustoychivy drug - a voice that sneaks up ants.
Secrets of Seduction. How to seduce a man, his clothes?

Would you like to learn how to manage the tool and handsome charm, which is being watched for a long time? Start a voice. No external data, either a sense of humor, or even a lack of funds this is not a hindrance. You can become a femme fatale, turning his voice into a weapon of charm and each interviewee will give you up without a fight.