Whether growth affects the relationship in a pair?

For men, on the contrary, it is believed, the higher the growth, the more prominent and attractive female is a male.

Interestingly, and what proportion of the future growth of the spouses is considered ideal? And whether it is a guarantee that the marriage will be happy?

Modern society is still true long-established stereotypes, that in a couple of man must be above its second half. But enough, and married couples in which husbands are below their wives. However, there will always be people who laugh at them.

Whether growth affects the relationship in a pair?

Agree that any centimeters, as well as the opinion of strangers for a loving person can not become an excuse to break off relations. Even if a man and is characterized by high growth, whether because of this so upset? Just look at the famous Hollywood stars, including missing and low, such as Al Pacino (164 cm) or Dustin Hoffman (160 cm). Growth did not prevent them succeed and become an object of admiration for many women.

In this article we will try to understand whether human growth affects how are their relations with the opposite sex.

Scientists have conducted a case study on the topic, which was attended by 10,000 couples. Statistical data led to the following conclusion: in men with an increase of between 1 and 83 m, more likely to become a husband and father than those whose growth is below 1, 77 m Furthermore, according to the results, tall men make their choices. in favor of women of middle and even lower than the average growth. As for the fairer sex, the survey data suggest that the most popular with the opposite sex are beautiful ladies, with growth of 1, 62 m.

Whether growth affects the relationship in a pair?

The debate about what is the difference in height between a husband and wife can be considered ideal, has not yet been terminated.

  • , for example, an anthropologist from Poland, named Boguslaw Pawlowski, convinced that men growth should be in 1, 09 times more than that of his wife.
  • A team representing the University of Groningen (the Netherlands) states that the difference in height between men and women should be 20 cm, and of course, the above should be the man.
  • Scientists from America called another number: the difference between the growth rate of husband and wife should be at least 8 cm
  • .

In one, scientists who study the relationship of spouses growth unanimously agree: the higher a man of his chosen, the greater the likelihood that the marriage will be successful.

Compatible partners in marriage with the growth

Whether growth affects the relationship in a pair?

1. "A great marriage": a tall man and a woman, which is below its growth.

It is believed that the high men easier to succeed, they are the owners of good health. They are like a magnet for women, because they are sure that they will be able to convey these qualities to their offspring.

Representatives of the stronger sex mostly prefer female average or even below-average growth, it allows them to feel close to "Thumbelina" a courageous and strong.

Whether growth affects the relationship in a pair?

2. "Tolerant marriage": a small man and a woman a little taller. Rarely men like it when a woman would look down on him. However, there are men who believe that high partner can raise her husband's status in the eyes of others. If a tall woman chooses a wife in the little man, so he has some other merits and talents, in addition to a prominent appearance.

But for a man whose partner is superior in growth, there is always a risk to make sure that his wife loves him like a son. If this state of affairs a man happy, then the marriage will be saved. However, it is likely that he will want to find a lover of short stature.

Whether growth affects the relationship in a pair?

3. "friendly marriage": the growth of the same spouses.

Spouses have the same height, feel that they are equal partners in marriage. This applies to issues related to career, raising children, making important decisions. Such a state of things can irritate the husband who still want to lead, to be the head of the family. Friendly marriage there can be very successful if the wife will show understanding and something will try to give in to her husband. It is also a prerequisite for a successful marriage of such a pair is compliance husband and wife personal space to each other.

Whether growth affects the relationship in a pair?

4. "Incompatibility partners": low and high male partner.

Very tall girl is hard to find a suitable partner. On the growth of their approach alone basketball players who are not so many, and which, oddly enough, themselves prefer low girls.

Statistics show that the vast majority of boys considered the most attractive women of low or medium height.

The marriage of high and low men women gives a lot of inconvenience for both. A man may be a feeling of embarrassment when it comes to people with high-wife, and a woman often feels some discomfort, walking beside a man who on her head lower. Negative public opinion may be valid reason for a breakup of the pair. Take it easy and do not take to heart gossip and ridicule strangers able to not everyone.

Whether growth affects the relationship in a pair?

No matter what social surveys and whatever the opinions of others, do not pay attention to stereotypes. Happiness can be any height! Listen to your heart, it is not bad advise.