How to forget the former?

In order to delete the former from his life once and for all and to cope with the emotional pain, you need to follow few simple tips. They will help to overcome the trauma and regain their happiness.

Sans-contact and separation

A man going through the separation much easier than a woman. This fact has long been proven. This statement is based on the fact that any relationship between opposite sex is a constant exchange of energy. Between them there sans contact.

Sans-contact - invisible ties that bind people. For these invisible ties passes energy that helps to control the other person, his way of thinking, emotional reactions and macrobiotic state. As a result, the man pulls the energy itself, and its generous woman shares with him.

So the stronger sex is always in search of sans-contacts to find new sources of energy. And parting gives the opportunity to the fullest.

How to forget the former?

The woman is by nature monogamous, and one man it is enough for a lifetime. This means that the loss of the object of adoration for her turn into a major tragedy. It can not break sans-contact and is in constant dependence on those relationships.

energy output is constantly reminds leash that does not break free. Accidentally found socks behind the sofa, pictures, forgotten in the refrigerator for a shopping list written by his hand - all this constantly provokes a woman on the energy losses. Wise Cleopatra in this situation, he fed his favorite crocodiles. Sanz-contact with the former interrupted once and for all, and the queen was completely open to new relationships. But this approach is not a ride in a civilized society. Therefore, the act will have to be different.

Out of sight - out of mind!

How to forget the former?

If you have quarreled to the nines, and he sped away from the house in the middle of the night, abandoning in the bag only the most necessary, the remaining items will not break the sans-contact. Live, constantly bumping into his clothes, it will not be easy. Any thing immediately trigger mental images associated with it. And in order to resolve this problem, you need to conduct a thorough audit of the apartment.

First of all, be sure to get rid of all his things that he has not taken away for one reason or another. Slippers, lighters, men's shampoo from the bathroom and a lot of the rest of the junk that accompanies any man in everyday life - all this must be removed. And so far - easy to solve.

The easiest way - to carry the trash. You can even arrange a ceremony of burning the whole past life and burn all its bells and whistles on a deserted wasteland. But these things can be attributed to a charity, and they are someone will benefit.

  • But in any case it is impossible to leave them at home. After all, their belongings man aiming another's territory. And while his spirit will soar in the apartment, then the beginning of a new relationship can be forgotten.

I will forget your name

How to forget the former?

In our world, few people do without social networks. And this is the place where the hands and itching to see - well, how is he? It's tempting to climb and see his new pictures, to examine in detail his new passion, or write him another message. But all these manipulations resume sans contact, and again begins uncontrolled leakage of energy in his direction. After all, every bit of your attention once again begins to feed. For any man it's just a gift from heaven - and the new woman gives herself to him, and his old energy shares.

And not to be as Razin, we must once and for all erase him from her life. To block his access to their pages on social networks, remove it from friends. And together with him and his buddies. Delete from the phone book his room so as not to accidentally "got the wrong number." No friendship with the former can not be! A proven fact.

"But I also know how to embroider. Cross! "

Constantly thinking about him and eats kilograms of cakes and chocolates - useless occupation. After all, it is necessary to forget it as soon as possible. And the extra weight does not add beauty. It is therefore essential to find a fascinating exercise. Such that is completely disconnected from thinking about the past and all that is connected with it.

How to forget the former?

You can go on a trip or do sports. Start skydive or learn to drive a car, sew, sculpt in clay, engaged in underwater fishing or biathlon ... Time after the break - it's the perfect time to realize what was dreamed at one time. A new hobby will make you forget the former and fill life with positive emotions.

And you can do charity work and help people in difficult situations. This is a good opportunity to understand that the rupture of relations with the former love - not the worst thing that can happen in life. Compared to some other people's problems is just a grain of sand in the sea. In addition, these activities will significantly expand the circle of communication. A positive energy from the good deeds will completely erase all the memories of his lost idol.

Everything will pass, pass and is

How to forget the former?

Many women are going through difficult breakup. The main thing - do not let gloomy thoughts prevail. After the end of one period of life is just the beginning of another. Maybe even happier than the last. And why should not give up. And throwing his head is not on the new relationship. It is necessary to go through a recovery period, to put in order all the thoughts and feelings.

Time heals, but if you follow these simple tips, forgetting the former process will go much faster and, most importantly, fun. If so life has been so and not otherwise, you need to go through and get it out of your head. New acquaintances, new interests, new hobbies - all this will help to start life with a clean slate.