Why love disappears in modern society?

Unambiguous and clear explanation exists. Just for the reason that the word itself is vague. You can love the homeland of their parents, children, job, and so on. But in each case it refers to the feeling. What is it?

Here begins in contending friction. We will not dwell on them, so as not to get confused, and will limit the discussion only love between a man and a woman.

In earlier times, the romance between them, as a rule, ended with a marriage, all relations passed in the domestic sphere. When this feeling could change significantly. But the overall roof, general duties, the children kept the marriage within the established norms.

Why love disappears in modern society?

Of course, those rules in different countries very different. However, the total remained. It is expressed in the fact that a man and woman lived together. Even in the face of the harem every woman had a right to his master. All of them considered their wives (not to be confused with concubines), and among them there was a beloved wife. The owner of the harem under the laws of their state had to provide them with all necessary and in return receive affection and sex. In some countries, men and women still exist. In addition, individual religions allowed polygamy without explicitly formed harem.

As a whole on our planet today are dismantling the foundations of marriage. Love between a man and a woman disappears and is replaced by a purely consumerist attitude. Often - temporary. This is facilitated by three factors:

  • desire of the weaker sex to financial independence;
  • unfavorable current conditions of the marriage contract for men;
  • advertised in a number of free love without reciprocal obligations.
Why love disappears in modern society?

clarity, all these moments are viewed in Western societies. Women's struggle for their rights unexpectedly transformed into a desire not to have any relations with men other than sex.

The modern woman - a self-contained, self-confident. She can afford every whim. For example, buy a night man-prostituta. In the US, there is even a company (completely legal) who are engaged in this business. The only question is the cost of services.

As you can see, there is solved only one question - sexy. But for many Western women "shoot a man in the night" - a kind of indicator of financial self-sufficiency. The family, as such, for these women have become not necessary. Enough to have a permanent lover, that was a kind of family illusion. Children? They also do not need. After all, this extra care, extra costs. But only live once.

The selfishness of the individual in the West is determined by the new norms of relations between man and woman. And these standards are not in favor of men.

Why love disappears in modern society?

The so-called marriage contract has, among other items, and such as responsibilities of spouses in divorce cases to pay his ex-wife as long as she does not marry another man. It seems to be reasonable. But it is extremely disadvantageous for wealthy men. Besides the fact that he is under contract at divorce is deprived of a considerable part of his fortune, so also is required to pay his ex-wife alimony kind. Then the man many think twice before offering the lady's hand and heart. As a result - the West marriages are becoming increasingly rare. Why tie yourself contract, if you can just have a mistress?

Free love emasculating feeling. Yes, they often do not. There are only a consumer desire to have in bed the body of another person. But it is not so simple.

Why love disappears in modern society?

In the West, we have created robot lovers, which are difficult to distinguish from a real person. Pledged programs are like a male type of behavior, and a female. Of course, the anatomical differences in robots too. While the acquisition costs of such robots to customers in a round sum. Nevertheless, their production has already put on stream. Without a doubt, there will be, and cheaper. And what kind of love, then we can talk?

In short, these are the reasons that led to the fact that the love between a man and a woman began to disappear. In its place comes something less romantic and less sense, close to the consumer egoism.