What women conquer the hearts of men?

Men go crazy for those women who are afraid of losing

Originated in the fear of losing the man you can, if properly behave with him. Consider what men are afraid? Their tormented fear of losing an expensive car, losing a good job. The more expensive the thing for a man, the more he is afraid of being without it. Therefore, that the man was afraid you lose, you must constantly prove its worth it.

What women conquer the hearts of men?

The best way to increase his price is jealousy. I loved you must show that you are like the other men. Realizing this, it will start to appreciate you. If jealousy on the part of men is not, then it is certain that you are from it is not going anywhere. This can not be tolerated. Longer communicate with other men: work colleagues, mutual friends, just acquaintances. Tell her lover how you look at the other, as they say compliments.

Another way to cause jealousy in their men - is to start praising others admire their dignified behavior and actions.

And, of course, do not forget how to look. Try to always be on top, to please the stronger sex. Noticing the admiring male glances facing toward you, the chosen one will be more appreciate you. It will be the fear of losing you.

What women conquer the hearts of men?

Men appreciate women who abstain from criticism in their address

Criticizing a loved one, you humiliate yourself in his eyes, not only of harm to his self-esteem and angry. Criticism can break the spirit of a man weak and strong - make hopping mad. This is a sure way to please him stop. Remember that criticism bred weak, insecure, notorious people. You do not so?

Love your man, take it for what it is. If you are going to praise him, to say sincere compliments, admire him, he believes in the forces. Do not criticize, and inspire! men do not throw these women.

Men are not to the liking of elegant and feminine companion

The sense of taste, well-groomed, attractive appearance - it is something that can not help but like a man in a woman. He would prefer the elegant, charming lady who knows how to skilfully emphasize the natural beauty. False eyelashes, flashy makeup and provocative clothes - it's something that looks cheap. Cheap women men do not appreciate. Not about a life partner, they dream.

Elegant lady is inherent not only the delicate taste with respect to clothes and makeup, but also the ease of gait, posture beauty, pleasant demeanor. Taken together, all these factors increase women's attractiveness.

What women conquer the hearts of men?

The men are attracted to women with character

Simple and complaisant girls that are not can be difficult to prefer weak and insecure man. They are afraid of difficulties, the responsibility, the need to take the initiative in a relationship with a woman for themselves. It is a girl to show their character as when faced with difficulties in communicating with her, a weak man gives back up.

This man is not looking for easy ways to happiness. He is not afraid of women with a difficult character, because with them in a relationship is never boring! He put up with this drawback, if you see a woman such virtues as loyalty, diligence, sincerity, ability to love.

Become subjugator men's hearts - is an achievable task. One has only to want it badly, and succeed!